Comedy Central Modern App Design

The Comedy Central app is a destination for all things comedy. On the app users can watch all the latest episodes and specials they love from Comedy Central, as well as get access to live TV and keep track of their favorite shows all in one place.

On launching the app, users are greeted with content of the day, featuring a poster image, episode title, and episode description. Here the app makes good use of swiping gestures -- users swipe upwards to watch the episode, or swipe right to scroll through more content options. Most content is gated and available only to cable subscribers, as indicated by an icon in the shape of a key.

A tabbed menu along the bottom of the screen is the main means of navigating the app. Categories include Shows, Live TV, Me, and Discover. The Shows section contains a scrolling list of every show on the Comedy Central platform. Within each show page, users can access full episodes, along with clips and other exclusive content. Minimalist iconography at the top right of the show page offers options to get more info or favorite a show.

The Discover section of the app offers a way for users to discover new content -- either through the search bar at the top of the screen, or via the recommendations presented in a long-scrolling list. Free sample clips are presented in this area of the app.

The design of the app is modern and a bit edgy. A black background defines the experience, while white text and bold visuals from the shows themselves pop on the screen. Bright accent colors in a range of shades are used throughout to highlight navigational elements and differentiate content. The app also has a distinct tone of voice that’s irreverent and funny, like the network itself.

Comedy Central is a modern app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.