DC Comics Simple App Design

If you’re into comics or superheroes, then the DC Comics app is a must-have. This app is an essential resource for lovers of graphic novels, with endless issues available, all without making a trip to your local comics store.

The design of the app puts emphasis on endless exploration. On the home screen, users are presented with tons of content organized by franchise or content category. Users can scroll down to discover different categories, and scroll horizontally within categories to access specific issues.

Each book has its own product detail page packed with information that the discerning graphic novel aficionado will want to know. Each book page includes a summary of the content, information on the author and artists, as well as example pages from the book which can be expanded to full-screen view. Users can also rate each book to keep track of what they love, and what they don’t.

Navigation of the app is handled through a tabbed navigation that runs along the bottom of the screen. Through these tabs, users can explore and browse different categories to find the books they’re looking for, and access their lists and purchased books.

The design of the app is fairly minimal, choosing to place the most visual emphasis on the striking comic book covers, and allowing the art to speak for itself. A wide range of content and smart filtering abilities make the app useful for anyone who wants to take their passion for comics with them wherever they go.

DC Comics is a simple app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.