YouTube TV Contemporary App Design

YouTube TV allows users to watch live TV from over 40 different US channels. The service is currently available to users in select US cities and is available for a monthly fee of $35, and includes access to many major networks and sports channels, including ESPN, MSNBC, ABC, AMC, and SyFy.

Subscribers can watch YouTube TV channels from all their devices, either directly on their laptop or desktop computer, on their mobile phone or tablet, or streaming to their TV via the YouTube TV app (via Chromecast or Apple TV).

Not only is the app a great resource for streaming live content as it happens, it also allows users to record live programming and all the shows they love. With the YouTube TV app, there’s no limit on recording space and there’s an unlimited number of programs can be recorded simultaneously. Recordings are stored for 9 months, so users don’t have to worry about getting around to their recordings before they disappear.

Each YouTube TV account allows for up to 6 users, each of whom have their own login and personal library. This features helps address many pain points commonly associated with sharing streaming services, including muddled content recommendations and limits on simultaneously logged in users.

The design of the YouTube TV app is modern and fresh. A stark white and black color palette works to put the emphasis on content. The trademark YouTube logo color is used as an accent throughout the app to indicate new content and orient users within the a menu or navigational element. The app is clean and contemporary, with a design that makes relevant content easy to digest and interpret. The YouTube TV app provides a truly modern streaming experience for today’s television fanatic.

YouTube TV is a contemporary app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.