Flipgrid Exciting App Design

The Flipgrid Brand Uses Its App To Make Users Feel Empowered And Important

Flipgrid is an educational app that uses video to help spark inspiration and empowerment amongst students across the country. Teachers can start classrooms and communities with video discussions and use them to then encourage students to share their own opinions through video as well.

It’s an intuitive app that connects with young audiences in the way they relate to most — through social video. The brand understands its audiences and its users, and it knows that it needs to stand out and promote positivity in the way that they will welcome the most.

The Flipgrid app is a robust educational tool that encourages empowerment in its students. And it even empowers educators, connecting them with the correct ways to interact and engage with their students to make a tangible difference.

For many students, learning can be a difficult process. They can’t access the materials and the concepts in the same ways that their peers can. And that can be belittling and discouraging, causing them to stop trying altogether. But this app aims to bridge that gap and create a community where students can feel good about learning and about their own abilities.

It empowers them thanks to its visual focus — and it’s a very friendly, one-on-one app that gives its users a customized and personal experience. Users can create the experience they want by pinpointing their areas of weakness and working through these obstacles with dedicated help from educators on the app.

This is an app that fosters tangible growth. It gives students actual feedback and provides them with the tools they need to excel in their educational futures. This is a community of passionate educators who are there to do everything in their power to give children the resources they need to succeed — and each student gets this dedicated support.

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Flipgrid Computer App Design

The Flipgrid App Promotes Learning Through An Intuitive Interface

Students and educators can benefit from the Flipgrid app, and the overall design of the interface makes the process a breeze from start to finish.

The Flipgrid app has a streamlined, intuitive interface which encourages content discovery. Students can easily find their grid by entering a code that's shared with them by their teacher -- simple as that. Each user can set a profile image, so interaction feels personal and connected. Large calls-to-action and clear instructions ensure that the app is accessible for users of all ages.

This is an app with a wide audience age range — from very young to high school and even college-aged. So it needs to be engaging and intuitive for all ages.

And the app does this with a bright and clean interface that leads users seamlessly from section to section, simplifying the learning process and making students actually excited to launch the app.

The Flipgrid app has a flat and modern design, which makes it feel fresh and current. It incorporates features young people are familiar with, like emojis and stickers that can be overlaid on selfies, which helps ensure its relevancy with its audience. Bright colors are used throughout to punctuate the experience and highlight key user actions and stats.

Emojis and selfie features are the fresh and hip new way to reach out to younger audiences. They remind users of the fun Snapchat filters and overlays, making them actually enthusiastic to play around with the app and have fun.

And this modern app wants to promote that relatability in order to keep users engaged and interactive.

Colors have a way of fostering a sense of enthusiasm and anticipation. And these bold and vivid pops of color are sure to keep users engaged throughout the process. And they’re a great navigational tool, highlighting key features and functions that jump out at the user.

FlipGrid iPhones App Design

Flipgrid’s Image-Driven App Design Makes Education Fun

Flipgrid is a video discussion panel for teachers and students from every level of the education system. With Flipgrid, teachers host video discussions by uploading video prompts and asking students to respond with their own video responses. Educators can also upload high-resolution images and files to support their discussions. The goal of the platform is to get all students to engage and to enable learning on a deeper, more connected level.

The Flipgrid app brings access to the platform to mobile, making it accessible to users no matter where they are. Students can use the app to record their own videos and post to the platform, as well as to view and react to the content posted by their peers. Students can even send each other short video replies and responses.

This is an app that is image and video-driven. Users have to upload images and videos in order to engage and interact with the discussions and questions being posed by their teachers. This makes the app innately image-focused, which is a strong path to take — especially with younger audiences.

In addition to the videos and images uploaded by peers and professors, the app itself incorporates a lot of bright and playful imagery in the form of illustrations, animations and stickers to place on images in order to encourage a playful nature that strips away the unfeeling and overly scholarly feel of the app.

And this encourages users to use the app more freely and organically. It also works to take away any hesitation users have in using the app.

For these students, learning is a process that causes anxiety and frustration. It’s not something they feel comfortable with and need this extra, dedicated and personalized help in order to succeed. But that also means they are already at least somewhat against the educational process as a whole.

This requires the app creators and the brand as a whole to connect with users in every way that they can, incorporating features, design elements and more that will actually spark an interest in students.

And this app does so creatively.

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FlipGrid App Design

The History Of The Flipgrid App

Flipgrid is an app that connects teachers and students on a personal, one-on-one level in order to promote positive growth and educational success. It’s an app that uses video and imagery to spark discussion and promote helpful conversations between peers.

According to the brand:

Flipgrid is where your students go to share ideas and learn together. It’s where students amplify and feel amplified. It’s video the way students use video. Short. Authentic. And fun! That’s why it’s the leading video discussion platform used by tens of millions of PreK to PhD educators, students, and families in 150 countries. Your classroom is next! It's super easy! Create a Grid - that’s your classroom or community. Add a Topic or two to spark the discussion. Your students share short video responses to ignite a dialogue. Super simple. Super powerful. Endless uses.

This video-based discussion platform was first created in 2013. And ever since, the brand has grown to new platforms and new areas. Teachers can create classrooms in the app and start discussions, connecting specific students to the topics that they need the most help with.

It’s a powerful tool for educators and learners alike. And it’s a modern concept that aims to look at education in a different light, connecting with students in the ways that they understand more innately — through video and on their smartphones.

This is an intuitive brand that understands the problem and has come up with a solution that actually works — and students and educators both can actually get excited about it.

The Flipgrid app can be integrated into college-level programs just as easily as it can be used as an additional tool in elementary school classrooms. This simple and straightforward app has a variety of purposes and possibilities that can be harnessed for the betterment of its users.

This is the future of education, and Flipgrid is leading the way.

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FlipGrid Animations App Design

The Power Of Flipgrid’s Impactful Educational Platform

The Flipgrid app is a vital tool for many students across the country. It connects teachers and students on a more personal and approachable level to help promote educational growth and foster a community of happy learning.

And the app does this by understanding its audience innately, creating an interface that's streamlined, simple and successful.

This is an intuitive, image-driven app that knows how to connect with younger audiences — and does so through clever imagery, a video-focused concept and a simple navigation system that makes it easy for users to use the app and start learning.

And this app empowers its student users by giving them the control they might not otherwise have in the classroom. It gives them confidence and empowers them to action, giving them a reason to stay focused and stay engaged.

It’s a modern app and concept that’s changing the way we see education for the better.

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