Mimo Flat App Design

Mimo is an app that teaches users programming HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Swift, and other coding languages through a series of fun, interactive learning modules.

With Mimo, users log in and tell the app what they’re interested in learning. Users also signal their experience level so Mimo can tailor the experience to their abilities. From there users jump right into the first lesson. Learning is easy on the app, which explains information clearly and asks users to respond by answering questions or making selections. Correct answers are rewarded with visual and written cues that encourage and congratulate the user.

Users can add multiple tracks, so while they’re working on learning to build a website, they can also start learning the basics of building an app. All courses are laid out in the Explore section of the app so users can see what they can look forward to learning in the future. Under the Achievement section, users can track which badges they’ve earned and see how long they can hold a streak of app usage.

The app has a flat, modern feel, and the language used has an accessible, approachable tone. Each track is denoted by a different color, as is each lesson with a specific course. On the Learn timeline, users can watch lessons turn from grayed out to fully illustrated as they move through the course. Everything is set against a light gray background, so lessons are easy to follow and focus in on. Typography is lightweight and modern, but illustration keeps the platform feeling fun and lighthearted.

Mimo is a flat app design in the education industry.