Google Earth Great App Design

Is it any surprise that an app from Google can manage to be both informative and breath-taking at the same time? In the Google Earth app, Google puts its unmatched library of satellite and aerial photography to superb use, allowing users to explore and learn about locations both far-flung and close to home.

Upon launching the app, users are guided through an onboarding process which ensures they understand the key uses of the app and ensures they get maximum benefit from their use of it. After the onboarding process, users are set free to explore the app. A search of a location will bring the user to a satellite view of that place, overlaid with an information card detailing key facts about the location. Users can zoom in to get a closer look -- the quality of the imagery is astounding, and provides a truly awe-inspiring experience. There’s also the option to switch to street-view mode to get an on-the-ground look at the location.

To keep things interesting even for users who don’t have a specific location in mind, the app has an explore function that leads users to curated Google Earth content. This content includes editor’s picks, nature, culture, travel, and more. There’s also a roll of the dice feature that generates a random result when selected. Navigation is handled through a simple tabbed menu at the top of the screen, and elsewhere through card-based scrolling.

The Google Earth app is a great resource for travelers looking to know before they go, and for anyone interested in exploring the world from the comfort of their own home. The amount of content on the app virtually ensures that boredom will be impossible, and Google does an admirable job of providing in-depth content that keeps users exploring. 

Google Earth is a great app design in the entertainment, technology and travel industries.