Salt Simple App Design

Salt is a restaurant discovery app that taps the power of the user’s social network to provide recommendations from the people they trust the most -- their friends!

Upon launching the app for the first time, users are taken through a short onboarding process that explains how users can get the best experience from the app. Where many onboarding processes feature a swipeable card-based design, the Salt app automatically advances the user through the process, eliminating any doubt about what action they need to take. A prominent Get Started button gives an entry point to the main area of the app.

Once the user creates an account and adds some friends, they are prompted to indicate which nearby restaurants they either like or are hoping to try. The map view shows which restaurants the user’s friends have recommended. Recommended restaurants are indicated with the user’s profile photo as well as the name of the venue. By tapping on a restaurant the user will be shown a preview of their friend’s review. Swiping upwards reveals the full info for the restaurant, including type, location, hours, and price range. The user has the option to add a note or save the restaurant for future viewing. Users can also add a restaurant and a review to the map.

The Salt app has a unique angle in the restaurant review market. By connecting with friends, the app harnesses the power of the user’s social network and manages to create a recommendation experience that feels more personal than others do. Navigation of the app is intuitive, and information is presented in a format that makes it easy to consume. The map-based browsing, with the option to toggle to a list view, makes it easy for users to find great restaurants wherever they are.

Salt is a simple app design in the food & beverage and hospitality industries.