Medicine Delivery App Design

Medicine Ordering App Design Introduces Convenient Medical Solutions

You wake up in the middle of the night, suddenly feeling ill. You rummage through your medicine stash only to find you’re all out of meds. How are you supposed to treat yourself?

It’s common dilemmas like this that a medicine delivery app could easily alleviate. Thankfully, it’s now within your reach!

Cerebrum Infotech, a software development company, specializing in on-demand apps, successfully designed an application that addresses such pain points. Like shopping for clothes or groceries online, customers can simply use the app to:

  • Look for the medicines that they need
  • Put the items in their cart
  • Add discounts or coupons
  • Pay for their purchases
  • Get the medication delivered right to their doorstep

Talk about instant wellness!

For pharmaceutical businesses, in particular, this medical app brings the entire pharmacy closer to a larger scale of customers who want a hassle-free experience.

Aside from the convenience of on-demand medicines, businesses can grow in two ways: one, by connecting wholesale buyers with pharmacy suppliers, and two, by earning commissions from partnering with other vendors.

More customers and partners = more revenue!

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App Design for Medicine Delivery App

Medicine Delivery App Provides Streamlined Processes for Admins and Vendors

Mobile app developers worldwide would commend how this app has fully digitized and automated most pharmaceutical business operations, making it easier for store admins and vendors.

In the Admin area, users can maximize the administrator dashboard to get a real-time bird’s eye view of store processes. Here, all records are displayed for proper monitoring. Data visualizations make figures easy to digest, even for non-tech savvies. Everything is manageable from one place!

The interface makes pharmacy management a breeze, too. Admins have adequate tools for dealing with performance analytics, crucial business information and employee tasks. And with the Tax Management feature, they can even do taxes and maintain transparency to vendors and customers.

Also, vendors can get their fair share of digital convenience. They can accept or reject an order based on location, letting them better control and manage sales. They can monitor active orders and check individual order status through push notifications.

Medicine Delivery App Design by Cerebrum Infotech

Cerebrum Infotech’s Medicine Delivery App Design Allows for a Seamless Customer Experience

In the age of online shopping, ordering medical essentials from an app should be just as easy and intuitive. Cerebrum Infotech followed the best app development practices in this design to provide a seamless customer experience.

The first one that ticks the box is organization. The designers neatly presented the products and services on the app by arranging them into categories. This way, users can find anything they need by browsing through different categories.

The best part? The app lets users apply filters for a faster search. It enables them to sort the products themselves based on specific parameters. A search bar is also present for users who want to skip the browsing and go straight to what they’re specifically looking for.

Repetitive tasks can be a drag, so it’s a good thing that the app has an Order History section. Here, customers can revisit their purchase history and reorder their past purchases.

Lastly, the designers included something sure to entice customers to keep using the app: Loyalty Points. Users earn points from multiple purchases and redeem them on their next orders.

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App Design by Cerebrum Infotech

Tracking Features Help Delivery Agents Deal with Numerous Orders

Deliveries can be a stressful job for agents, especially when the app isn’t equipped with sufficient tracking and order management tools. Luckily, this medicine delivery app has more than enough.

With the Availability Setting, agents are free to mark whether they are available to fulfill an order or not. They also get automatic access to customers’ geo-locations, so they can rest assured they are heading to the right place.

The Order Payment Status helps delivery agents avoid payment problems. The feature informs them of the customers’ preferred payment mode, whether the order is prepaid or postpaid.

Thanks to the order delivery status buttons, agents can mark orders whether they’re in transit, pending, or delivered. These buttons are color-coordinated, too, which adds to the app’s ease of use. It’s the perfect balance of good aesthetics and functionality – much like how branding agencies do it!


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