Fitsentive App Design

Fitsentive App Design’s UX Shines with Multi-Color Video Library

Fitsentive team put together a work of art through its convenient mobile application. The program is geared towards rewarding users every time they complete a workout video. And what better way to encourage people to start going active than with many easy-to-follow workout videos? The application is designed for all fitness enthusiasts from beginners to hardcore athletes.

The extensive video library categorizes the level of difficulty and duration. It covers various routines from Dance Cardio to Pilates. The videos are guided, making them excellent solo or home workout choices. Also, some videos are full-length and play in real-time to provide users with a complete workout experience.

The video library is organized straightforwardly. It shouldn’t take users long to find the type of workout they want. Developers used a color-coding scheme that pops into the app’s black interface, making it easier for users to browse through the selection.

Fitsentive’s Dark-Themed App Design Gives Way for Easier and Gentler Navigation

The default setting on most mobile devices is to display black text over a white or light-colored background. But not this time.

More and more professional app developers utilize the so-called dark theme such as the one gracing Fitsentive’s app design. Taking user experience to the next level. dark-themed websites and applications are gaining more popularity because of their benefits. Aside from reducing the light emitted by device screens, dark backgrounds keep the color contrast ratios on point for readability. The visual ergonomics it brings to the application are incomparable.

Dark mode intends to lower blue light exposure and help reduce the eye strain of staring at screens for a prolonged time. If you tend to use your smartphone and tablets for more extended periods, the dark mode may increase the battery life on your device. Additionally, it reduces screen glare and minimizes flickering.

This theme adds a nice touch to the overall look of the Fitsentive app design. It blends well with the organized video library and emphasizes the on-screen elements.

Fitsentive App Design by Applify

Distinct Icons Add Aesthetic Value While Lending Function Support

The app doesn’t just deliver quality workout material. It does everything in style. From unique icons and smooth transitions to fluid navigation, everything makes the application experience satisfying.

An entire video library requires distinct features that draw away from the overwhelming feeling one might encounter. The recommended videos section is a good touch for starters. It helps new users who want a more straightforward and guided approach.

On the other hand, if you want to go in-depth, it’s easy to appreciate the sliders, CTAs, leaderboards, and the overall menu navigation process. The generous use of color to differentiate various videos, elements, and sections add aesthetic value without sacrificing functionality. Progressive elements, micro animations, and a tasteful color palette give life to specific areas.

Most branding agencies leverage iconography to streamline visuals. Applify made use of specific icons to aid navigation. The icons serve as a guide for users to pinpoint a particular function. Of course, the home icon is represented by a house vector. There’s a search function symbolized by a magnifying glass, helping users find more specific parts. The play button takes users to the video selection, while the trophy icon brings up the leaderboard. Last but not least, the profile icon brings users to a profile settings page.

Since Fitsentive utilizes a dark theme, white space is replaced by a dark gray background. The general feel of the application gives out a user-friendly vibe but also matches the intensity workouts might bring. Everything is tied together with a simple typeface, font, and copy that embraces a no-frills appeal.

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Dark-Themed App Design

Fitsentive App Design Empowers Fitness Junkies with Workout-To-Earn Feature

Working out alone gets boring, and Fitsentive app design generated a way for individuals to take on a different attack to an active lifestyle. Users receive reward points for every workout video completed on the application. This incentive-based program is highly-commendable for its uplifting system.

The app leaderboard is the core component of the workout-to-earn function. Competition is a great motivation medium. Whether trying to beat a personal record or competing against fellow Fitsentive users, the challenges make the whole process fun and easier to achieve.

The icons show profile pictures of current leaders and the points they collected. The podium-style design emphasizes the top three participants, while personal data is displayed underneath along with other top users.

And lastly, users can expect an updated challenges section. Thanks to the application's seamless design, they can start conquering these challenges in no time.

Hi-Res Lifestyle Photos in Fitsentive App Design Motivates Users to Do More

Displaying fitness goals in the form of hi-resolution lifestyle photos complements Fitsentive’s application design. Combining inspirational, encouraging, and persistent photos keeps users in check when working out. A great workout image would give users an idea of how a good form looks. For some, these images can also be aspirational, urging users to work on their training more.

Motivational images serve as affirmations users can relate to. These sharp images act as statements of support and encouragement as well. Somehow, a subtle way of saying a commitment to working out is needed before getting into the right body, stamina, and strength. Skipping a workout day is not an option!

Ultimately, the lifestyle photos hit relevance, consistency, and impact in one go – an excellent strategy that most mobile app development companies maximize today. In turn, users stay motivated and energized throughout workout sessions.

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