Mendizabal Container Solutions Top App Design

Mendizabal Container Solutions needed a web app that allowed them, their employees, and their subcontractors to manage jobs, timesheets, and invoices. The goal was to streamline the process and reduce the occurrence of late or missed payments and invoices.

Mendizabal Container Solutions Clean App Design

While the idea of a web app can be great to some, there may be varying levels of technological knowledge among the users of the app. In order to make the app convenient and usable for all, MCS had to ensure that their program was clean and easy to navigate. The menu bar on the left is clear, and it depicts all options. Once a menu tab is selected, the information is laid out cleanly and clearly. No one should feel overwhelmed or confused because the information is presented in a straightforward, uncomplicated manner.

Mendizabal Container Solutions Minimal App Design

Through the app, MCS can also reduce the amount of service issues they have. For example, there are pages with specific instructions about certain jobs. This makes the information easy to access, with no need to spend time searching. Previously, subcontractors or employees would have to search their files or old emails to find instructions that may have been sent to them. Now, they know exactly where to go for the information they need to access.

Web apps for businesses like MCS need to be clean and simple. After all, they are attempting to solve a problem of inefficiency by using technology. The app is only good if efficiency is improved. By using a clean, easy-to-navigate menu and a minimalist, modern layout, MCS’ web app will significantly help their day-to-day business.

Mendizabal Container Solutions is a top app design in the distribution industry.