Vivino Elegant App Design

Vivino is an app designed to help users discover and purchase the perfect wine for any occasion, palette, or mood.

Upon launching the app for the first time, users are taken through a short onboarding process that explains the key features and benefits of the app. The onboarding process is executed through a series of four cards that users swipe left to navigate. They also feature quirky illustrations that help convey the personality of the app right from the get-go

The Vivino app makes good use of the smartphone’s built-in camera, with options to scan a bottle in a wine store to see ratings and reviews before making a purchase, and to scan a wine list at a restaurant to compare ratings in order to make the best possible selection.

For users who don’t have a specific wine or menu in hand, but are looking for a recommendation, Vivino can help them find something they’ll enjoy. The user simply inputs a handful of criteria (wine type, price range, and minimum rating) and Vivino returns the results. These results can be filtered based on a number of factors, including region, grape, and best pairings. Each wine overview page has tons of useful information to help users make a decision, including price comparison, helpful reviews, and an image of the bottle and label. Users can save their favorite wines, so they always have a log of the ones they loved.

The Vivino app is a great resource for wine drinkers. It packages a huge amount of content into a digestible, easily navigable format. There are plenty of useful features, but all of them feel essential rather than tacked on. The design is well-executed and it’s clear that the experience has been designed by people who know what wine drinkers want and need in a mobile app.

Vivino is a best app design in the distribution, e-commerce & retail, food & beverage and hospitality industries.