Foundations Connect Great App Design

Businesses with expensive equipment in the field require constant monitoring. Until recently, that meant sending a human out onsite to do a physical check themselves. This was costly and time consuming, taking people away from important tasks at hand. With their intuitive app, Foundations Pulse uses the Internet of Things to connect assets to companies, build their corporate brand, and offer industry-leading monitoring.

Foundations Connect Simple App Design

The app was built with Windows tablets in mind. Using the application, companies are able to quickly manage their remote equipment. Colors are used to emphasize areas that need attention, so monitoring staff can easily see where their efforts need to be focused. Green, red, and yellow are familiar to everyone in the world and work perfectly inside this app.

Foundations Connect Clean App Design

Since the equipment being monitored may be essential to an operation, there is a robust notification system with relevant graphics that display useful information. Users are also able to receive text notifications. The ultimate goal is to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

Foundations Connect App Design

The Foundations Pulse app is a wonderful example of technology and thoughtful user experience design coming together to make a company more efficient and, hopefully, more profitable. The clean design, easy-to-understand graphics and intuitive features make this app an essential part of regular operation for many businesses.

Foundations Connect is a great app design in the engineering industry.