MTV Clean App Design

The MTV app is the destination for devotees of MTV content. On the app users have access to full episodes of current and “classic” MTV shows. Users can log in with their TV provider information to have full access to all the content the platform has to offer. Even without a cable subscription, the app still features a range of free, unlocked content that includes select episodes, MTV news, and digital series, as well as tons of bonus content and clips.

On the launching the app users are taken to the MTV home screen where a feature video plays in the prominent spot at the top of the screen. Below that, users are offered pathways to explore the most recent episodes, trending videos, and free episodes, all of which are navigable via a scrolling card-based navigation.

Under the "Shows" tab, users can scroll through all of MTV’s content offerings, represented by narrow rectangle poster images. They can also swipe right to discover shows under different umbrellas of the MTV empire, including MTV2, Classics, and sample episodes.

There’s also a live TV tab where users can watch what’s playing on television at the moment. During special events like the VMAs, users can stream the show directly from their phone and watch live videos from other events where MTV has a presence, like select music festivals.

Though the app is geared toward a younger audience, it doesn’t have anything close to a juvenile feel. It’s a sophisticated interface that’s intuitive to use and feels high-end. The basic color palette of stark white and black allows the content to become the focal point. A bright aquamarine accent color highlights important information and calls to action. Overall, the MTV app offers an efficient and enjoyable TV-watching experience. 

MTV is a clean app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.