Trigraphy Elegant App Design

The advent of mobile phone cameras has meant that people are taking more photos than ever before. With photo sharing apps like Instagram at peak popularity, it’s no surprise that users are keen to edit and manipulate their photos to create unique and artful images. The Trigraphy app lets users flex their creative muscles through a host of powerful photo editing features.

On launching the app, the user is prompted to pick a photo from their photo feed to begin editing. They can also browse featured photos from the community if they’re in need of a little inspiration.

Once the editing process begins, the options are nearly endless. Trigraphy boasts a robust offering of artistic effects alongside more common editing tools like filters and saturation and contrast adjustment. Users can apply unlimited layers of effects, which makes achieving the perfect aesthetic possible.

For users who love the images they create so much they want to bring them to life in the real world, Trigraphy offers an integrated print and delivery service that can be accessed directly from the app once an image is created.

The Trigraphy app is one of the most advanced photo editing and effects apps on the market today. It has a huge number of options to satisfy even the most discerning artist. The editing process is simple and intuitive, making the app accessible to users of all levels. A minimalist color palette, lightweight typography, and simple iconography combine to put the emphasis on the editing process and on user creations. 

Trigraphy is an elegant app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.