Recolor User-Friendly App Design

The library of available images is easy to browse through, a scrolling navigation along the top of the screen allows users to toggle between category types, like “free” and “popular”. Selecting an image to color is a simple matter of scrolling through and then clicking on one of the hundreds of images available.

The coloring process itself is also fairly intuitive, though a set of quick instructions appear on the screen when the user first loads the image, indicating how to select a color and how to zoom in on the image. Color palettes are displayed along the bottom of the screen and users can scroll through them in a horizontal direction in order to find just the color they’re looking for. More sophisticated palettes, like metallics and vibrants require an in-app purchase. An undo and redo button, represented by lightweight arrows are available at the top of the screen to allow users to make adjustments to their images.

A Gallery section allows users to explore work from other users of the Recolor platform, with options to discover new artists or to the see the work of Recolor artists the user is following. Images are shown in an Instagram-style feed, displaying username, time stamp, likes, and comments. The users work is also saved in the My Works section, including images that are in progress as well as one that are published.

The Recolor app is very easy to use. The navigation is intuitive and immediately achieves the goal of getting the user to engage with the app. The display of coloring options on the homescreen puts the emphasis on the activity of coloring, while the feed of other users’ work helps inspire users to spend more time in the app to develop their skills.

Recolor is a user-friendly app design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.