Resy Modern App Design

Resy is a restaurant reservation booking app with a curated inventory. Resy guarantees that every restaurant on their platform is great, which they can say because each and every one is tested by their team. That means users can feel confident that when they book through Resy they’re not rolling the dice on a dining experience that may end up underwhelming their expectations.

Upon launching the app, the user’s location is used to display Resy restaurant in their area. Restaurants are shown on a map view, with details listed below. The user can scroll through the restaurants list to find something that catches their eye, or move the map to zero in on a more specific locale. Users can also filter the results based on one of the most important factors -- reservation time. Results can be filtered by “early”, “prime” or “late” seatings, making the process of finding exactly what you’re looking for as easy as humanly possible.

Each restaurant page has a detailed description of the restaurant, a snippet from a review, as well as location details. All available reservation times are also displayed so the user can select the one that works best.

The Resy app has a truly modern design and a key differentiating factor from other reservation platforms. The fact that all restaurants are vetted reduces the burden on the user to spend time researching each available option. The ability to search based on preferred dining time also does a great deal to reduce the burden on the user, and ensures that the most accurate results will be returned to them.

The app’s sophisticated design aligns perfectly to their mission -- giving users easy access to the best restaurants in their city. Intuitive navigation and gorgeous aesthetics make this app a must have.

Resy is a modern app design in the Food & Beverage and Hospitality industries.