Virgin Pulse Modern App Design

Virgin Pulse is an iOS and WatchOS app made for employees of Virgin companies. The idea behind the app is to help employees become more efficient at their jobs and to help them meet their own personal goals.

The app uses bright colors and simple illustrations to assist users in navigating the app. Because it is meant to be used on the Apple Watch, the screens and options must be very simple so that users can quickly interact with the app and move on with their day. After all, Richard Branson didn’t get rich having his employees play with smartwatches all day.

Virgin Pulse Clean App Design

The top level menus are very simple on the iPhone version of the app. Again, the user needs to be able to quickly input information and move along. Each option features a simple illustration and consists of large, white rectangles. The typography is also very large, so it can easily be seen without having to hunt around the screen with reading glasses on.

Virgin Pulse App Design

The simple, clean design and its emphasis on professional, as well as personal, goals is just one more example of how Virgin companies work differently than others. Just by looking at the menu options, it’s clear that Virgin cares about their customers and their employees’ happiness. If you were thinking of sending in an application, you might want to get on that. There might be a line of people waiting to get hired.

Virgin Pulse is a modern app design in the sports & leisure and technology industries.