Audi Stunning Logo Design

Founded in 1909, Audi is a German automobile manufacturer that designs, engineers, produces, markets, and distributes luxury cars. Audi cars are known for their spectacular interior as well as extraordinary performance. Noted for their sophistication, safety, and comfort, they are synonymous with high-speed performance and rallying capabilities.

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Audi Clean Logo Design

Audi’s famous "four rings" logo, that is now iconic, was brought on the scene of history in 1932 to represent the merger of the four independent motor-vehicle manufacturers, Audi, DKW, Horch, and Wanderer. The new Audi logo was designed as the emblem of "Auto Union AG" and in the first version, every ring contained the logo of the four merged companies. It is believed that the use of the four rings logo is most likely to generate back to the idea of Olympia and the Olympiad, although that is not confirmed. Audi has continuously and consistently honored its heritage of the four rings logo in its various design updates over the years.

The previous metal version of the Audi logo was introduced in August 2009, signifying the untiring efforts of the company to strengthen bonds with their customers and ultimately increase loyalty, efficiency, and excellence of the brand. Earlier in 2017, Audi introduced the flat version of their logo, a project which was carried out collaboratively by Stuttgart- and Berlin-based agency Strichpunkt and Munich-based KMS TEAM.

Audi Elegant Logo Design

The new logo does away with the wordmark entirely, instead choosing to let the logo speak for the brand. The logo features the same iconic four rings symbol, but in black ink for a sophisticated look. As another brand that adopted the flat-logo trend, the Audi logo has been designed to be flexible and modular. The new identity is held together by dynamic principles instead of rigid rules—in fact, rules are kept to a minimum, a decision that resulted in the restrained and sophisticated black and white color palette for the logo.

The bold design almost looks like a vector image, but Audi’s global brand recognition is phenomenal, so the design instantly stands out. It is attractive and classic. Elements, such as shape, space, and color, come together brilliantly to make a great logo. The overall design aesthetic is bold, minimal, confident, and luxurious in a way that matches Audi’s cars.

The new logo design feels consistently digital first in its concept, and the designers have taken a truly holistic, interdisciplinary approach to creating design principles for all media and devices related to the brand. Audi’s redesigned brand mark has managed to convey a sense of elegance and confidence through innovative design elements, such as free logo placement, equally weighted brand color, and vivid typography. The new logo looks to the future of the company, and thought has been given about its utilization in modern and future products in a way that an overall brand experience is given. At the same time, it allows plenty of scope for creative diversity. The logo is a great example of a flat design done right.

Audi is a stunning logo design in the Automotive and Luxury industries. 

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