Portmantos Great Logo Design

Portmantos is a e-commerce website that goes beyond the sales of luggage and travel goods, and creates a premium shopping experience catering to each personality.

Combining elegant luggage with modern innovation, Portmantos is able to compliment any shopper’s needs. The logo was crafted with that in mind, creating a strong and memorable (yet chic and classy) design.


Portmantos Elegant Logo Design

The custom monogram "P" on the circle becomes a stamp signature of the brand, resembling a passport stamp and standing as a symbol for stylish travel. The company name is spelled out in all capital letters in tall and elegant serif letters.

Portmantos Logo Design

The logo has a signature of New York, one of the largest fashion capitals of the world and also one of the busiest destinations, validating this company as a trend maker for jetsetters. A few added dots next to the type isolates the name and symbolizes the uniqueness of the company while representing what travel really is: Going from point A to point B.

Portmantos is an elegant logo design in the e-commerce & retail, fashion & beauty and luxury industry.