B-Orto logo design

B-Orto Logo Design Is Rooted In The Explorer Brand Archetype

B-Orto is a small business from Italy’s northeastern Friuli region, specializing in the selection, cultivation, production and processing of chili peppers. Their entire brand identity, including logo and packaging design, is the work of Notorious creative agency.

Ran by a young couple, the business has an air of a hip, contemporary food brand - made possible in many ways by its fashionable logo.

B-Orto logo design began with the meticulous research of the brand’s archetype, based on its owners’ vision, objectives and the current slogan “Be Brave! Eat Hot!” The implied boldness and curiosity align with the Explorer brand archetype, which was the cornerstone of the company’s eventual logo.

The lively and original identity was conceived for diverse packaging options whose design and choice of materials preserve the many varieties of “peperoncino.” Most importantly, the logo and brand identity make this product a clear stand-out on the retail shelves.

Notorious reached out to tattoo artist Andrea Pietrobon who conceived the logo design to reflect this brand voice.

B-Orto logo design by Notorious Agency

The Rough & Minimal Style Of B-Orto Logo Depicts An Eye Overwhelmed By The Zesty Produce

B-Orto's logo pictogram portrays an encircled eye with a few drops of sweat (or tears) that signify the body’s chemical response to the hotness of chili peppers.

The style of the illustration uses simple black vector lines against the white background. It can be described as a crossover between minimalist and rough, making the logo suitable for different digital and non-digital platforms.

The addition of the brand name and slogan completed the digitalization of the hand-drawn pictogram. On certain types of product packaging, the logo has a slightly different look. The rounded eye has an additional layer around it, with the brand name and slogan encircling this other logo iteration.

By creating variations tailored to specific contexts, expert logo designers ensure consistent brand recognition and adaptability across various touchpoints.

The Straightforward Typography In B-Orto Logo Denotes An Upfront & Pragmatic Brand

The choice of typography was applied down to the design of auxiliary brand identity products – most notably, packaging.

Branding specialists understand that font selection is crucial in conveying a brand's values. While sans-serif fonts are often associated with simplicity and clarity, their surprising usage in the F&B industry adds a unique twist, defying conventional expectations. More akin to industries such as healthcare or technology, the font affiliates the brand with its contemporary philosophy and relatable origins.

For its unpretentious and quite simple farm-to-table production cycle, B-Orto is a proper “sign of the times” kind of food brand.

Since the product is meant for a wide selection of consumers regardless of their economic status, the brand required a logo font that reflects this openness and inclusivity.

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B-Orto logo

The Creation Of An Animated Version Shows The Modern Dynamic Approach To Logo Design

Since the logo will appear on multiple platforms, including B-Orto's website, Notorious created an animated version for the brand.

This smart move corresponds to the online audience’s expectations from the brands they follow. Unlike tangible, physical mediums that only allow static imagery, digital platforms allow moving pictures, so why not fully embrace them in a logo as well?

The animated pictogram shows the eye blinking while the circle around it forms gradually. The tears and “wrinkles” also appear, as do concentric circles around the iris. The textual portion of the logo remains fully static.

This animated version of the logo appears on the brand’s eCommerce website, albeit in a negative color version (white lines against a dark background).

B-Orto logo by Notorious Agency

B-Orto Logo Design Captures The Essence Of A Business & Lends Foundation For A Sturdy Brand Identity

Notorious’ logo design for B-Orto follows the current trends and best practices in food and beverage branding: minimalist, inclusive and unpredictable design.

Since the brand’s ambitions extend far beyond the local markets, the logo also needed to be universally appealing and understood by the potential international clientele.

Also, as the brand’s key differentiating qualities are being “brave” and “hot”, it’s safe to say that their logo succeeds in capturing both this sentiment and the aforementioned ambitions.

The foundation of B-Orto's philosophy is articulated in the company’s About Us section:

“Reliable supply chain, sustainable materials, responsible water and land management: these are the cornerstones of our project. We want to guarantee high standards in terms of environmental, economic and social sustainability. This is why our products will always be the result of a prior study and research and will always be delicious!”

With no flashy or flamboyant components nor inaccessible and exclusive touches, the B-Orto logo design stands for the common good: the wider availability for all and nature-friendly production practices.

It is for these reasons and the ones mentioned above that the B-Orto logo merits DesignRush’s Best Logo Design Award.

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