Evernote Main Logo Design

Evernote’s Logo Design Is A Creative Display Of Brand Identity

Evernote is an app designed for note taking and organization in mind. The app lets users create notes in a variety of ways to help them stay organized and focused. Users can create to-do lists, take notes, create tasks and archive ideas.

And users aren’t restricted by simple text. Evernote allows users to create notes in a variety of mediums — like web pages, voice recordings, photographs and handwritten note styles. Users can also send these notes with attachments to further emphasize their points.

If you’re on the go and need an app that can help you get your affairs in order, Evernote is a great organizational tool that’s free to use.

The organization launched its first Evernote beta in 2008, and by 2011 it had reached over 11 million unique users. With this growth, the application expanded its supported platforms. Now users can enjoy this service whether on an iPhone, an Android, Windows, Google Wave and more.

This brand is extremely personal and ambitious. They’re dedicated to making users' lives easier, helping them run more efficiently. To capture this friendly and approachable vibe, they’ve created a logo that matches that happy-go-lucky personality.

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Evernote Responsive Logo Design

The Evernote Logo Uses Vivid Colors and Typography To Drive Its Purpose Home

This simple, modern and playful logo has a lot of different design elements that need unpacking. We’ll first start with the wordmark, coloring, and font.

When you first see this logo, you’re struck by the bright, neon green of its wordmark. It’s eye-catching and fun, with a layer of excitement that instantly sparks your inner curiosity. That’s important, as it puts you in the right headspace to get creative and start jotting down ideas.

This color makes you think and sparks creativity, perfect for an app created to help you think more, challenge yourself and get innovating.

But the typography itself is further heightened, elevating the impact of the design with the font of choice. This strong, sleek and minimal font is very scholarly. It’s reminiscent of old textbooks and notebooks you’d use in a high school English class.

The wordmark gives off intense educational vibes. It’s informative and enlightening and inspirational. The bright pop of color matched with the scholarly font instantly puts you in the mood to get organized, get focused and get creating.

This use of color and typography is a subtle and effective way to get users into the right mindset to start learning and start growing in their own lives. It makes users think and reminds them of a time when they absorbed information like it was their jobs. (Because when you’re in school, it kind of is.)

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Evernote’s Logo Design Uses Clever Imagery To Make A Statement

The wordmark in this logo makes you nostalgic for your school years, but the real star of the show is the imagery that sits at the front of this design.

An adorable grey elephant sits as the main design point of the image. It’s cute and creative, with minimal design elements that pull you in and elicit a childlike wonder and excitement. It’s the perfect balance of sophisticated and playful.

But there’s a hidden meaning to this design as well, hidden in the elephant’s ear.

At first glance, it just looks like an ear that’s flopping around. But it’s actually a folded-over corner — like you’d find in a notebook or tagging where you left off in a favorite novel you’ve been reading.

This calls back to the brand and its overall identity as an app that promotes education and learning and organization. This note-taking app encourages users to learn and to create, and this dog-eared element in the imagery further propels this message.

And the use of an elephant as the main image is equally clever. Elephants are known for their memory, so using this animal as a symbol for the brand as whole further stress their commitment to helping users build up their memory and get organized.

The imagery used in this logo design further emphasizes Evernote’s commitment to its brand and to its users by using elements that evoke strong feelings of scholarly learning, creativity, and mindfulness.

Evernote Logo Design Alternative

Evernote’s Simple Logo Condenses Its Brand Image And Purpose Into An Effective Design

Evernote promotes mindfulness, learning, and personal growth. This app urges users to take their future into their own hands and become the people they want to be. It allows users to take notes, get organized and set reminders to keep them motivated and moving forward.

This educational and organizational brand is fun and approachable, and its logo further emphasizes these qualities with its cute, crafty and clever designs. Bright color pulls you in, scholarly typography puts you in the mood to learn and a cute dog-eared elephant subliminally ties all of these elements together to get you learning.

Evernote’s effective logo design proves that brands can have fun and get their message across in a modern and playful way that elevates their brand as a whole.

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