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The Lacoste Logo Uses Animal Imagery To Breathe Life Into The Brand

Lacoste is a French fashion and style brand that was founded in the early 20th century. It sells apparel, footwear and more to a large community of refined and stylish audiences -- and has been doing so for more than 70 years. It’s known for its sophisticated offerings, stunning legacy — and most importantly, its iconic logo design.

The Lacoste logo is created in the image of a crocodile. It’s a simplistic, colorful design of a crocodile walking with its tail up and its mouth open. The design is minimal, but detailed — with the scales visible and even a tongue sticking out. 

It’s a playful and cool image that captures the brand and its essence intuitively, taking on the form of its creator’s own nickname. This personifies the crocodile image and gives it an interactive personality, one that many successful fashion branding professionals regularly emulate in their projects.

One of the Lacoste founders — René Lacoste — was a successful tennis player known by the clever nickname of “The Crocodile.” And that’s why the brand went with a crocodile design. It’s a bold image and one that adequately represents the brand and its heritage.

But even outside of its prominence and its history, the image as a whole gives life to the brand in a way that other logos sometimes fail to do. By using a living, breathing animal, this image gives the business itself a kind of life and effervescence that it can then infuse into other business avenues like marketing, design and fashion.

But sometimes using a well-known and ordinary image can have its ups and downs.

They're good images to use because they're instantly recognizable and can resonate more effectively and more quickly with modern audiences. But at the same time, they run the risk of becoming boring, bland and outdated. If it’s a symbol that’s seen often, it can blend in with the background and fail to make an impact.

But the Lacoste logo takes a traditional image and transforms it in a way that is eye-catching and iconic. It’s not just an image that sits in the background — it dares to be seen and dares consumers to interact with it.

Lacoste Shirt Logo Design

Creativity And Minimalism Blend Together In This Memorable Lacoste Symbol

The Lacoste logo stands out thanks to its eye-catching animal imagery. But this design choice isn't complicated or confusing like it has the potential to be. No, in fact, it's quite the opposite.

Instead, it elevates the design thanks to its modern and minimalist edge, which gives the brand the freshness that’s necessary for success.

The best logo design companies tend to strip away unnecessary elements and color gradients to create a mark of excellence that is just as powerful and impactful as the original, more intricate design (if not more so).

The Lacoste logo is a minimalist symbol that makes use of a simple image and a striking wordmark to really impress upon viewers the power and authority of the brand and its prominence in the industry.

The Lacoste wordmark is made up of bold, uppercase almost sans-serif font that stands strong and sleek. It makes a statement and lets viewers know that it means business.

Similarly, while the crocodile is detailed and creative, it is still a delicate symbol that sits simply and with a refined elegance that further promotes the brand’s legacy.

There’s a clever combination of creativity and modern minimalism here that take this logo design to a whole new level.

Lacoste Limited Edition Logo Design

The Lacoste Logo Gets A Limited-Edition Redesign To Support A Cause

Lacoste is a brand with a powerfully recognizable logo and a strong history in the fashion industry. But earlier this year, the brand decided to give its logo a limited-edition redesign to promote awareness for endangered species.

For Paris Fashion Week, the brand released 10 new logo designs to raise awareness for 10 endangered species as a part of its "Save Our Species" campaign.

The brand released 1,775 shirts which correlated to the number of these endangered species left in the wild at the time.

Proceeds from the campaign went to the International Union For The Conservation Of Nature.

This was a striking campaign for the brand, taking a liberal stance and using its prominence to raise awareness for an important issue. And the resulting designs were equally eye-catching.

These animals -- from a tortoise to an iguana -- all take on the same shape, style and look of the classic Lacoste crocodile.

They are all created in subdued, natural greens and browns. They are simple, yet slightly detailed. And they all sit in the same spot as the crocodile we all know and love. 

This brand effectively communicated its strong core values and brand identity through this limited-edition redesign. It was a smart choice and one that aligned the brand as not only a leader in the field but a leader in morality and compassion.

The Lacoste brand isn't just a company that sells classic pieces  -- but a brand that is determined to leave its mark on the world and make a change wherever it can. And it leveraged its prominence and powerful brand identity to do so in a positive way.

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The History Of The Lacoste Brand

Lacoste is a French clothing company founded by René Lacoste and André Gillier in 1933. Lacoste himself was a tennis player, which adds context to the brand’s products — mainly it’s tennis polos. And he was named “The Crocodile” throughout this tennis career, thanks to his interaction with opponents.

But the company sells more than just polos. It also sells other clothing, footwear, leather goods perfume and more. It’s an expansive brand with a recognizable style — thanks, in part, to the iconic crocodile symbol that sits on all materials in some shape or form.

It’s a brand with a long history of elegance and sophistication, but it has grown in popularity in recent years thanks to its decision to go with a more modern and sleek look. The company fought for its name and the exclusive rights to its merchandise for decades, and in 1977 they got the rights to sell their merchandise under their own name in the United States. And ever since they’ve continued to grow and thrive.

Here is a taste of the company’s vision and passion for the future:

Our primary goal is to be the leader in the premium casual wear market. We are dedicated to achieving this ambition in the years to come. Optimism and elegance are the core values of Lacoste, promoted with enthusiasm and passion. Our mission is to share this positive view of life with our customers and partners. Our constant search for excellence is reflected in the high-quality, modern collections we design, create and market. The natural elegance and unique style of our products enhances the beauty and freedom of movement of all those who enter the world of Lacoste. Sharing our vision of casual elegance, and our optimism and faith in the future, is the purpose of our business. It is the pride and passion of each person who works for Lacoste.

The Lacoste brand is a forward-thinking, innovative organization dedicated to providing quality merchandise that comes from well-sourced materials. It’s a brand that promotes positivity and continues to push itself to think outside the box and refine its products and services.

And you can see this in the logo design which creatively captures the minds behind the brand and its modern leaning.

Lacoste Minimal Logo Design

What Makes The Lacoste Brand So Impactful

The Lacoste brand is a powerful one that understands its niche, its audience and the world around it. You can see this in the creative and cool logo design which embodies the brand and the minds behind its creation.

You can also see it in its simplicity and minimalism — it’s a colorful image that takes the shape of a crocodile, but it is still a small and simple design that sits beautifully wherever the brand wants it to.

And it really does shine — on polos, pants and more, this logo sits as the main design element of the clothing and adds a regal sophistication to the pieces and to the wearer overall. It’s a powerful symbol, and it’s one that really ties the whole brand together beautifully.

But it’s also a brand that’s always moving forward and looking for ways to grow — and you can see this in their recent, limited-edition logo redesign to successfully promote a cause: to raise awareness about endangered species.

And the redesign was a major success — promoting the brand and the cause in a stunning and dazzling way. The logo was made into a variety of different endangered animals that all sit on polos like the original logo does. And they were made in a similar fashion to keep branding consistent, but additionally to add a modern and altruistic twist to Lacoste in its entirety.

Logos are a powerful branding tool, and in its original form, this logo embodies the brand. And even in its redesigned form, it shows the brand’s integrity in a powerful way.

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