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B&B Italia’s Clean Emblem Exudes Class And Sophistication

B&B Italia is a furniture company founded in 1996. This Italian design company provides world-class furniture for home and contract. It’s an innovative and inspiring brand that creates one-of-a-kind furniture for all home styles and sizes.

This furniture design company is based in Novedrate which is north of Milan. Here, they take innovation and creativity seriously. And they combine elegant and historic Italian elements to stand out from the crowd.

B&B Italia’s products have contributed to the history of Italian design. A history based on technology, creativity, and that inherent style that has made Italy famous throughout the world , establishing the “Made in Italy” brand that has been exported to international markets. The B&B Italia furniture collection has its roots in its ability to reflect contemporary culture and the capacity to respond quickly to the ever changing lifestyles, habits and requirements. Modern furniture elements that are distinctive and characterised by exceptional quality and timeless elegance. The result of the unique union between creativity, innovation and industrial know-how.

There’s a modernity, luxury, and style to these furniture pieces that stuns and amazes. They are sleek, simple and beautiful. They are grandiose, exciting and playful. This furniture comes from dedicated craftsman and quality materials. There’s a uniqueness that is unrivaled, a contemporary aspect that excites and an impressive nature to the designs that make them revered across the globe.

These products can’t be ignored and they can’t be mistaken for any other brand. Similarly, the brand needed to add a level of innovation and mastery to its other designs — in its website and in its logo.
The B&B sophisticated symbol is eye-catching, alluring and enigmatic. It exudes luxury in a way that gives weight and authority to the brand as a whole.

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B&B Italia Website Banner Logo Design

The B&B Logo Stuns With Modern Elements Within A Classic Design

The B&B Italia logo is modern, fresh and clean. It’s made up of a stacked wordmark design and a black and white color scheme that seduces, inspires and exudes luxury to the highest degree.

There are two separate styles at work in this design — a modern and sleek sophistication and a smooth and creative classical vibe.

The historic, creative and smooth design comes from the top “B&B” wordmark. It’s filled in with a deep, seductive black. The letters stand strong and powerful, but the ampersand in between is antique, imaginative and fun. There’s an old-world vibe to the top half of this logo that is reminiscent of classic literature in its dramatic and soft vibes.

The bottom half of the design is made up of an outlined “Italia” wordmark. These letters are outlined in a similar black coloring, and empty within which allows it to adapt depending on the background it’s set against. This is a fresh, clean and modern choice that stands out from the other half of the design.

But instead of the two styles clashing, they mesh beautifully. There’s a cohesiveness that comes from the two styles joining forces and coming together to make an impact and entice consumers with its prestige and experience.

There’s a modern edge to this design that flows beautifully with the worldliness that comes from Italy, its heritage and its inspiration.

B&B Italia Ad Logo Design

B&B Italia’s Stylish Symbol Captures The Elegant Essence Of The Brand Itself

The B&B Italia brand is excellent, majestic and luxurious. They create furniture that inspires and amazes. The craftsman behind these designs dedicate their lives to creating sophisticated furniture that looks the part and fits in with any style or theme.

This brand holds onto its Italian roots with pride, and they incorporate Italian history and inspiration into their furniture designs.

From sofas and armchairs to storage units and desks, each piece of furniture has a uniqueness and an excellence about it.

To continue exuding this elegance and class on a more widespread scale, the brand went with a logo that combines all of the values this brand holds dear.

This clean and modern logo is a minimal design that uses subtle design elements to inspire and engage. It balances classic heritage and modern excitement in a simple, clean symbol.

The modern and creative elements can be seen in the bold, strong outlined “Italia” wordmark that sits under the flirty, curly and creative swirly “B&B” wordmark on top which represents the creativity, history and old-world qualities of the brand.

These two types of design come together to create a beautiful, timeless logo that sits strong, powerful and unrelenting. It exudes confidence, class and majesty. It’s luxurious and sleek — like the brand as a whole.

This logo captures the brand identity and promotes it to the world at large.

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