The Home Depot Simple Logo Design

The Home Depot is a home improvement retailer that sells building materials, garden products, and products for home improvement.  They employ 406,000 people and have 2,274 locations. The company’s market cap is $176.7 Billion.

The bright orange hits the eyes like the bright light before a full solar eclipse. It commands attention.

According to company lore, they originally painted their signs bright orange on circus tent cavas’. Orange stimulates activity and symbolizes cheerfulness and happiness while the white font stands for purity and excellence. Orange is also associated with affordability.

Company founders Bernie Marcus and Arthur Blank consulted branding visionary Don Watt to help them design the future identity of The Home Depot brand.

His team designed a logo that was inspired by crates that are used to transport freight—directly in line with the “depot” theme.

The custom typeface is Stencil D—created by Gerry Powell. The font is slanted at a 45-degree angle. This makes it look like a boxed crate and exudes a custom grassroots feeling. 

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The Home Square Shape Logo Design

The square shape is akin to the foundation of homes and construction sites across the globe. Wherever someone starts, they can find the materials they need for their foundation at a Home Depot store.

Much like the legendary store, this logo has an independent, DIY spirit to it. This aligns directly with the company’s core values of entrepreneurial spirit, creativity, trust, and integrity. The current company slogan is “Built From Scratch” and the current logo has a raw rustic feel directly in line with the slogan.

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The Home Depot Logo Design

The Home Depot logo is iconic. It incorporates storytelling, simplicity, and psychological cues such as the custom Stencil D font, and orange color. This makes the logo stand out compared to all other brands.

Each person that walks through The Home Depot doors carries with them the do-it-yourself spirit and is on a mission to gather the materials needed to build their dreams.

The Home Depot Iconic Logo Design

And if The Home Depot logo is any indication, they will get them to their destination.

That is why The Home Depot logo is so iconic and one of the greatest designs ever unearthed.

The Home Depot is a simple logo design in the Distribution, E-commerce & Retail and Manufacturing industries.

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