Miorski Krai logo design by Moloko

Miorski Krai Logo Design Embodies The Spirit Of The Belarus Miory Region

Moloko is a Minsk-based creative design agency that helps organizations capture their essence through unique branding.    

Their main focus lies in creating quality designs and effective communication, such as advertising, packaging, videos, animation and ultimately logos, one of which is an unparalleled logo for the Belarus Miory Region tourist brand – APB-Birdlife Belarus.   

The agency’s goal was to create a logo that unifies local, rich tradition with modern, minimal design trends boldly pushing the limits of design conventions today.   

Apart from a quality graphic design, the personality of a logo must reflect the brand itself. It should be able to tell a story, and Miori Krai logo design does just that. Its elements suggest an interesting narrative and express the local culture.   

As Moloko agency describes it: 

“Each region, city, or village is not only about population, location and territorial boundaries. It is special. Spirit, tradition and culture formed by generations. It is streets and history, known to visitors, as well as hiding in legends, known only to locals; it is the nature which we see in pictures, but which is even more striking in reality. Finally, it is the people who live here.”  
Local points of interest morphed into design modules

Miorski Krai Logo Utilizes Simplistic Elements Unified In One Heraldry  

When creating the brand of Miory Region, Moloko aimed to find that crucial, exclusive idea that would become a stable association, not only with the local population but appealing to future tourists as well.   

The assortment of elements that make up the design perfectly expresses the concept of a logo for a town heavy with tourism and the brand design as visual support makes it more than interesting.   

Moloko adopted the heraldry philosophy, updating its visual demands of today’s market. To craft the Miorski Krai logo design, the agency didn’t simply include the existing historical symbols, arranging them within the coat of arms-like design. The approach was quite the opposite.   

First, the symbols were distilled to their bare essence, morphed into simplistic, minimal and sleek modules.   

The resulting modular elements are not unlike  Lego building blocks. Besides the main logo, they can be used to make a variety of interlocking emblems representing different aspects of the local hospitality industry.   

The dynamic image of the logo appears as an independent unit of identification for each tourist point of the Miory region.  

This showcases how logo designers can create versatile and customizable logo systems that can adapt to various contexts and represent a brand or industry's multiple facets.

Complex modular system as the essence of the design

The Design Elements Mirror The Locally Significant Symbols And Points Of Interest 

To stir interest in traveling to this destination, as well as to increase the local involvement in the development of the Miory region and stimulate the local economy, the agency infused the logo with local points of interest, as well as local flora and wildlife.   

The Miory Region is a place where tourists can marvel at the beauty (such as raised bogs) that differs from usual countryside landscapes, getting rid of general preconceptions about swamps, etc.   

Just like every journey is imprinted in a traveler’s memory through small pleasant moments, so is the entire Miori Krai logo system based on small yet striking cranberry leaf.  

The whole region is widely known for its high volume of these round, red fruits — the highest output in the country, in fact.   

Derived from said leaf, the modular elements reflect some of the natural and historically noteworthy structures, including Waterfall on the Vyata river, the Elnya swamp, the Miory Arch Bridge, the Lopatinski estate, the Holy Assumption of the Virgin Mary cathedral and more.    

The logo itself merges these elements while prominently emphasizing the majestical illustration of the crane, a regional avian symbol, as well as the above-mentioned cranberry fruit.  

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Color palette evokes the national flag

The Logo’s Color Palette Is Carefully Planned, Drawing Inspiration From The National Flag And The Region’s Tame Nature 

Although the logo’s minimalist elements illustrate their real-world counterparts superbly, what truly gives them a recognizable identity is the color palette.   

The Miori Krai logo design draws heavily from nature. The greens of the local swamp area, the waterfall blue, the cranberry red and the gray hues of the orange-crowned crane beautifully complement one another while maintaining the overall tone of the Belarus national flag. It reminds us of how branding experts choose colors that create a distinct atmosphere while perfectly aligning with the brand's identity!

The bold typography adds to the shielded logo, which continues with an inviting green, subconsciously conveying the feeling of tranquility and untouched nature.   

Miorski Krai Logo Design And Branding Resulted In A Drastic Increase Of Tourist Interest And Growth Of The Local Economy   

The Miori Krai Logo Design once again proves that modern doesn’t necessarily mean the abandonment of tradition and national ethnography. The logo perfectly summarizes the motto: “Miorski Krai, Marvel Nearby.”  

The stylish logo design, as well as the overall branding, brought tangible value to the region. In fact, through Moloko’s branding efforts, the client secured a 200% increase in the total number of festival visitors.  

Local communities also shared their love and affirmations for the agency’s improved branding. The team behind the project exhibited a strong understanding of the project, resulting in not only an efficient visual solution for marketing purposes but an eye-pleasing design that pays a lasting tribute to the Miory region itself.  

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