Ombria Resort Great Logo Design

Somewhere amidst orange and green citrus groves and carob trees and small farms interconnected with cobblestone streets lay a sanctuary.

The name sounds like it came from a fantastical land. The land of Ombria.

This is the logo of Ombria Resort. Designed by the design agency TripleSky, the new logo has a mythological and ancient appearance.

Ombria Resort will feature the first Viceroy Hotel in Europe along with 46 luxe guestrooms and suites, 99 residences, and an iconic 18-hole golf course.

This isn't a resort. This is paradise.

TripleSky created a key hole symbol outlined in #C49B6E orange while the text "Ombria" is in pure white.

Ombria Castle Symbol Design

The best logos incorporate legacy and relevance into their design. TripleSky outlines their thinking in the following series of pictures.

The castle symbol features four pillars on top -- as seen on their website -- paying homage to the ancient lands that Ombria will stand upon.

A swirly inner circle with a small opening represents a maze but more importantly, exploration and discovery. Guests at Ombria Resort will not run out of activities and adventure.

The inner circle also takes the shape of a tree which highlights the awe inspiring surroundings of the resort's location.

Finally, an inner key hole cements the fantastical access that this resort will grant patrons.

It is not just a resort, it is a key to another world.

A world that captures the imagination.

A world where guests can embark on adventure and ride the endless winds of freedom.


Ombria Resort Branding

The stylized mythical font and imagination filled castle symbol catapult the Ombria Resort brand to new heights. 

TripleSky incorporated heritage, discovery, nature and access into a logo that catalyzes curiosity in just one glance. It's simplicity speaks volumes, and translates easily across every medium -- digital destinations, physical prints and beyond. 

To find out more, viewers will have to book their stay. A key to another world awaits them.

Ombria Resort is a great logo design in the Hospitality and Travel industries.