PWC Beautiful Logo Design

PricewaterhouseCoopers is a global accounting practice that originated in London over one hundred years ago. PwC’s services include tax and consulting, audit and assurance, and cover areas like cybersecurity, deals, and forensics.

The company has over 236,000 employees in over 157 countries in 743 locations and achieved a 2017 revenue of $37.7 billion. Astonishing.

The modern PwC logo culminated in September of 2010 when the company changed their trading name from “PricewaterhouseCoopers to “PwC.” The logo was designed by logo legend Wolff Olins.

When Wolff Olins was tasked with creating an updated logo, he realized it would be for a prolific accountancy firm. This is the world’s most recognized professional service, after all.

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PwC wanted to become a unified brand. They wanted to become the world’s number one professional services network.

The logo features “pwc” in black lowercase letters. The letters are in a serif font. Above them, is an abstract and pixelated image representing a flower. The goal for this visual pixilation was to be flexible and well-suited for both digital and online use.

This is a logotype of flexibility. With over 236,000 employees in 157 countries, the logo had to connect them all and eliminate previous inconsistencies and confusion.

The font is ITC Charter Black. This was a stark move from the previous logo use of Helvetica. ITC Charter Black retains a modern feel with a much more crafted and human look to it. The “w” is ITC Charter Black Italic. And provides fluidity to the overall aesthetic.

Lowercase letters make the brand approachable. Writing “PWC” in capital letters makes it too authoritative. The aim was a softened approach.

The colors of the pixelated flower represent warmth and provide a unique separation of PwC from other brands. Other brands usually feature blues and greens or greys.

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PWC New Logo Design

The new PwC logo represents a beautiful transformation of both logo and brand. Design agency legend Wolff Olins created much more than a logo. They created a representation of energetic human change that will carry PwC onward in their journey to dominate the professional services industry.

PWC Logo Design

PwC is a beautiful logo design in the Banking & Finance, Legal & Insurance and Professional Services industries.

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