Stripe Minimalistic Logo Design

Stripe is a technology company that enables businesses to accept payment over the Internet. Stripe has 214 employees and was founded in 2011.

Web developers use stripe to easily integrate payment processing into their websites without having to maintain a merchant account.

The Stripe logo is a wordmark. The font used is FF Fago which was designed by Ole Schafer in 1999.

IN 2010, the startup was originally called “/dev/payments.” They changed the name to “SLASHDEVSLASHFINANCE” to meet stare filings requirements.

Over time, people had no idea how to say or spell the brand name. CTO Greg Brockman sent out several hundred emails to owners of one-word domains. The team selected “stripe” because it sounded like a cool simple and elegant brand name.

It refers to the stripe on a credit or debit card and captures their niche gracefully. The color of the stripe logo is #6B71E3.

While accomplished logo design companies seldom use purple for commercial services, this specific hue captures the brand's essence, clearly indicating Stripe’s forward-thinking product development.

Stripe Beautiful Logo Design

The “I” letter in Stripe pays homage to the origin story of the brand using “/dev/payments” as its original name. Iconic logos respect and incorporate their company’s rich history and legacy. The use of slash letter customization also symbolizes the slashes used in computer coding and file names.

This slash is also seen at the bottom of the “p” letter. Stripe finally was able to use at least part of the slash that they admired so much. Twice.

Letters within the font are close together and represent Stripe’s love of code. The purple represents Stripe’s love of beautiful code.



Stripe Typeface Design

The stripe logo incorporates a beautiful font face, a vibrant and recognizable. The shade of purple, makes the subject of backend financial computer code, less boring and more fun. The brilliant use of the slashes inside the “I” and “p” letter is a trademark of iconic logo design.

Stripe Logo Design

Compact lettering also reveals Stripe being the all-in-one solution for website payment processing. When all of these features come together, we are left with an iconic logo that translates to a variety of mediums.

Stripe is a minimalistic logo design in the Banking & Finance and Technology industries.

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