Plexus Puzzles Colorful Logo Design

Plexus Puzzles hosts the non-traditional puzzles that connect different images to form a shape, unlike the usual game that requires several pieces to reveal an image.

Its logo symbol directly represents these gamesIt is a plethora of objects that combine to form a monogram of the letter "P." The ingenuity of it gives the illusion of an overlap, like a wave swiping outwards in a spiral movement that draws viewers in as it collects pieces from left to right. This movement conveys fun, diversity, and happiness.

Plexus Puzzles Logo Design

Since Plexus Puzzles's target audience are kids and teens, the logo succeeds in inviting curious eyes to name every object perfectly connected inside. A custom typeface matches the curvature and whimsical nature of the logo. It is bold, neutral, and modern, and maintains a continuous movement. 

Plexus Puzzles is a colorful logo design in the entertainment industry.

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