Surf logo design on new technology services

Surf Logo Design Embodies The Brand’s Services And Company’s Dynamic Growth

Surf Group, Brazil’s fastest-growing mobile network operator, is the leader in the white-label technology market, outsourcing Telecom and Fintech operations to more than 50 brands.

To mirror their growth and market expansion, Surf invited Twist digital agency to develop a complete rebrand of their solution suite, starting with an innovative logo.

As their name suggests, the digital agency delivered a refined logo design with a twist!

Surf logo design reflects company values and efficiency but adds a layer of excitement, intending to accelerate the brand’s technology domination even further. One could say, to create a new wave!

The work began with naming all their solutions and the challenge to include them all under a unified banner.

The brand needed to appeal to the corporate, B2B market, conveying the message of innovation and seriousness from the first glance at its logo.

Additionally, its corporate aesthetic needed to be attractive to the most popular layers in B2C, as well.

Surf’s logo design should be inclusive and their “together we are stronger” message had to be reflected.

The Surf’s Innovative Logo Is Symmetrical, Modern And Modular

Although the most obvious solution would be to combine the first letter of the company with the visual properties of the wave, Twist created a symbol that carries a series of attributes: it is symmetrical, easy to handle for the creation of patterns and graphics, while retaining the prominent wavy features.

With the brand concept, the logo transmits a lot of proximity, inclusion and a welcoming spirit. It is made out of two embracing modules that illustrate the joining of the two lines of solutions.

The resulting, unified parent brand looks like a puzzle piece that fulfills Surf’s digital and financial purpose.

The symbolism incorporated in the Twist logo shows how innovative logo designers can skillfully translate complex brand concepts into visually compelling and meaningful representations!

Surf logo design - a wavy design solution

Surf Promotes Forward-Thinking Mentality With The Clever, Attention-Grabbing Typography

The Surf logo uses a stylized sans-serif font, which gives a modern, minimal and clean aesthetic to the brand.

Sans-serif fonts have become very popular recently, especially in the corporate world, as the rise of digital transformation created the need for a genuine human connection and authenticity. Surf relies on both with its embracing illustration and typography.

Twist brought the subtle elements of Surf’s brand presence in every detail of the logo. Although the direct link between the illustration and typography is not apparent at first glance, the wave motif persists between the “R” and “F” of the SURF typeface, somehow making it both subdued and robust.

It generates memorability and grabs attention from the get-go.

The typography looks as if it was treated letter by letter for perfect spacing and better visibility.

The font was chiseled thoroughly, creating micro-rounding to infuse the font with a more technological and less serious air.

The effect is a nearly timeless design that stands on its own even when design trends inevitably change.

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Surf logo design is two pieces of a whole

The Logo’s Color Palette Shows Two Different Aspects Of The Surf Brand

When deciding on a logo's color palette, Twist had to choose which aspects of Surf’s values and ultimate goals can be illustrated through color, in order to make the logo both relatable and niche.

Surf is a brand with whom a premium or low-income audience engages – like that of a familiar tech.

With that in mind, Twist brought a breath of fresh air to the brand which is much more aligned with a universe of startups, rather than traditional telecoms.

The composite of brands was supported by two key colors: blue and red, one for each solution and target market/audience.

For many branding design professionals, blue is the color of technology and innovation. It brings a powerful charge of association with the tech world, as well as the fluidity and adaptability of water.

The red, or more precisely, magenta, is a vibrant color. It refers to the startup scene and contemporary and inclusive communication. It is both cheerful and warm and vibrates very well in contrast to the blue.

The resulting turquoise mixture shows two sides of the company: professionalism and innovation.

Eye-catching promotional material sporting Surf logo

Surf Logo Design Is Seamlessly Applicable To A Wide Variety Of Media

The minimalist simplicity combined with the logo design’s unique pattern-like structure makes it easily applicable to a wide array of platforms and media.

As part of the full rebranding, Twist Digital Agency helped Surf Group with the launch of brand-new social media banners, PRs, brochures and visuals for all the different company communications platforms.

Every single piece of media proudly showcases the new logo.

From business cards, billboards to online banners, the logo works in any environment digital or print. No matter the type of background, chosen hues don’t vary in the slightest and are consistent throughout.

And for that, the Surf Logo Design is a clear winner in modern rebranding.

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