University Ventures Elegant Logo Design

University Ventures is a new form of higher education that seeks to create new pathways from education to employment. The UV portfolio contains companies that make higher education more affordable, whilst spearheading radical and innovative approaches to learning. This shifts the paradigm for employers seeking new talent.

The company is led by investors, authors, leaders, and entrepreneurs in higher education with a culmination of decades of experience. This is an example of best logo design because it highlights relevance and legacy through creative symbols and font.

The font is a custom sans-serif in navy blue #052558 and grey #BCBCBC. The word “University” is in all caps and hugs the word “Ventures” which sits below it thanks to the unique “U” and “Y” letters.

The logotype is bold and serious denoting the importance of higher education. It gives off a studious feel while the text below is spaced to add needed gentleness.

The “U” and “Y” are bigger than the rest of the letters. This feature gives the logo a distinction to set it apart from other competitors. “Ventures” is not supporting the weight of university, it is providing it the needed boost of innovation to help transform archaic ways of thinking. It is simultaneously propping the higher education market up but more importantly, taking it to new levels.

The symbol to the left consists of pillars with a scroll sitting on top. This is representative of knowledge and education and gaining sacred high education knowledge through studying and yardwork. Late nights in the libraries and sacrificing weekends to dedicate time to learning is what students must do to succeed in higher education.

University Ventures Elegant Branding

The University Ventures logo does a stellar job at symbolism through the creative positioning of lettering, higher education relevance, and creative ambition.

University Ventures Logo Design

University Ventures is an elegant logo design in the Education and Professional Services industries.