Break The Mold Elegant Package Design

The goal of this packaging is stated right on the design. These “Break the Mold” chocolates do just that. Not only is the design creative and elegant but the design was also made by Jess Glebe Design solely for the purpose of thanking their clients.

Break The Mold Simple Package Design

The off-white box of chocolates is hugged by a black paper cover featuring gold embellishments. Nothing says luxury like gold. The clients that receive these chocolates will surely feel like Jess Glebe Design is genuinely thankful for their business.

In addition to the luxurious feeling of the gold on a black background, the bold typography states exactly what the designers at Jess Glebe Design do year-round for their clients.

Break The Mold Clean Package Design

A wider view of the packaging reveals a wax stamp placed in-between the words “limited edition.” Again, this addition of gold to the design helps give a feeling of luxury - perfect for decadent chocolates like these. The package is very clean with a simple white, black, and gold color scheme. It almost feels like you’re about to open a brand new, high-end smartphone rather than a box of chocolates. It just goes to show how far a packaging design can go to make you feel like you’re looking at something much more expensive than what is actually inside.

Break The Mold Package Design

The box of chocolates given to clients by Jess Glebe Design is more than just a simple thank you. They have used this box of chocolates as a sort of portfolio to show off their skills and remind their clients of the quality of work that they do. Sometimes the companies that design for brands need to help boost their own brand as well.

Break The Mold is an elegant package design in the Food & Beverage industry.