Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras Cool Packaging Design

The average supermarket in the USA holds 40,000 different products. We are talking about a $600 billion industry. In this realm, the best packaging designs win. They enter the carts of shoppers and begin their long and glorious journey home.

In this case, that product is Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras. And that journey home ends in a coffee pot.

The best package designs have clarity and simplicity and utilize color and typography for maximum visual impact.

It was Supperstudio who created the tongue-in-cheek packaging for Chocolocuras. The result is a stellar example of design that we can all learn from.

Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras Packaging Design

Right off the bat, we have eye-popping visual phenomena in the form of brash and bold colors. Bold colors are just one of the many keys needed for your package design to succeed. Many designers fail to see the most important aspect of choosing the right colors: Consistency. The colors need to be consistent with the brand standards because it reinforces the brand to consumers. We want the package to get noticed for all the right reasons and we want the package to be different from its competitors. 

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Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras Awesome Packaging Design

Supperstudio married the medley of consistent brand coloring to a fun and whimsical set of illustrated characters. There are thousands of coffee brands to choose from and this is a different approach to a product category filled with sharks. Placing a new coffee product against others in a supermarket is akin to a drop of blood plopping into a pool of swirling great whites. Better come prepared and confident you will survive.

Great packaging design will not only let the product thrive, it will give the product a chance to send another fish fleeing. Using character heads with animal bodies give the brand notoriety. We want all alarms sounded as the customer approached the point of sale. We are trying to hit a chord here. Impulse. Emotion. Curiosity. Draw them in by drawing something different.

Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras Playful Packaging Design

We see the brilliant execution of consistent coloring on product packaging. The highlighter yellow contrasts beautifully with the brown lion man. This is the lemon jungle. And it is a jungle of clarity and simplicity. You have the title of the product and a brief tantalizing description that quenches curiosities thirst but does not give too much away. The last gift to give away is when the rich aroma of Chocolocuras pours emanates from your coffee mug.

Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras Packaging Design

The typography is another standout feature that makes Chocolocuras an example of best package design. Cluttered with crammed fonts frustrate customers. The potential for a sale is sabotaged by way of pure annoyance. Consumers want to be informed in a non-intrusive manner. Give them the information and make sure each letter combines into a group of words that look cohesive and beautiful.

The best package designs follow simple formulas for success. They use bold and crisp colors and typography and present a cohesive theme that is clear and simple. The customer enjoys the effort poured into the creativity required to design something that does not look like everything else.

If it is a new product, they will give it a shot. And one shot is all your packaging needs to be amongst the best packaging designs in the world.

Bronzed Coffee by Chocolocuras is a fun package design in the Food & Beverage industry. 

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