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Zoldi’s Packaging Empowers Women To Embrace Their Own Beauty

“Behind every successful woman is herself.”

That’s the manifesto of Dubai-based jewelry company Zoldi. This company creates jewelry that highlights the inner beauty and power that women have. It’s a daring statement to make, and one that comes together fluidly through the use of feminine and fun packaging.

ZÓLDI is a young, bright, daring jewelry brand based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.ZÓLDI is a silver and 18k gold-plated jewelry brand, handcrafted by experts and manufacturers the brand knows personally. Thrilled by beautiful minds, it claims that behind every successful woman is herself. Jewels that live with you, not on you is ZÓLDI’s manifesto.”

This jewelry brand was founded in 2016 by a person who was asked what they’d do if the job they had suddenly ceased to exist. Their response was to open the “next big thing” in jewelry.

And after careful consideration and much thought, Zoldi came to life. This is a jewelry brand that creates stunning pieces of art that when worn, create a masterpiece. These pieces are meant to heighten, not improve. They are meant to inspire and enlighten. Explore the best jewelry website designs here.

The innovative minds behind Zoldi wanted to inspire. They wanted to take advantage of enlightening moments in their lives and wanted to compel others to do the same. And their jewelry truly does open eyes, hearts and minds.

But it’s not just the jewelry that makes an impact. The packaging that these pieces of jewelry sit in are equally exquisite and impactful.

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Zoldi Packaging Design Box

Zoldi’s Feminine Packaging Uses Color To Seduce And Inspire

Zoldi creates jewelry for women that gives them the confidence that they need to embrace their inner beauty and rise to their truest potential. So the brand needed a packaging that further emphasized that femininity and strength.

They turned to bold, beautiful colors that would resonate.

Their jewelry boxes are encased in a soft and elegant light pink color. This is very feminine and elegant and regal. It’s a beautiful color that hides the beauty of the product hidden beneath its cardboard confines.

Inside, the wrapping that holds these pieces of art is a deep, dark and seductive black color. This contrasts with the pink in a mesmerizing way that pulls you in and puts you on another plane of magnificence and splendor.

A black ribbon ties around these boxes, giving the packaging a gift-like appearance. When you unwrap these gorgeous packages, you’ll get the real treat — jewelry that empowers, inspires and enlightens.

There’s a classic element to this design in its simple use of colors. It’s bold and eye-catching, yet soft and feminine. There’s an old-world classiness to this design that is befitting of royalty — and you want to be a part of it.

Zoldi Packaging Design Messaging

Zoldi’s Packaging Design Makes Use Of Clever Messaging And Bold Typography To Drive Their Point Home

But it’s not just this brand’s use of color that turns heads, it’s the brand’s messaging and use of typography that is equally engaging.

Zoldi wants to empower and inspire. It wants to open eyes and open minds. And it wants to do so in a clever way. That’s why, on a number of different packaging materials, you’ll see cute and crafty messages.

Phrases like, “jewels that live with you, not on you,” and “cute. but devilish inside” add a mystery and an allure to these designs that create an air of excitement around them. Of course, the jewelry is the real prize, but these insightful gems also work to entice you.

And these phrases are written in a simple, golden, lowercase font. They are very subtle and small. They don’t necessarily stand out and in some cases, you do have to lean in to get a closer look. But it’s a clever reminder of the power you as a woman have — power you should use to your full advantage.

On the boxes, there is minimal copy. Just the name of the brand in a similar, golden lowercase font. The simplicity and minimal design elements within this packaging urge you to learn more and get involved.

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Zoldi Packaging Design Box & Bag

Zoldi’s Packaging Inspires Women To Love Themselves And Uses Elegant Design Elements To Do So

Packaging design for Zoldi jewelry is elegant, sophisticated and clean. Exciting, contrasting pink and black colors grab your attention and pull you in. They are feminine and bold. They are soft and strong. They balance each other out and highlight the key aspects that women represent.

This brand stays true to its manifesto and delivers its message in subtle ways through color and shape. But it also delivers its message more impactfully through typography and text. They want jewelry wearers to know how important, beautiful and strong they are and remind them with clever phrasing.

This package design is classic, regal and seductive. It’s the perfect choice for a jewelry brand looking to empower and open minds. Check out our article on the best jewelry packaging designs.

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