Fiasco Gelato Great Package Design

The best packaging design brilliantly brings together visual themes with color, practicality, and authenticity -- and Fiasco Gelato’s 2017 Winter Collection is a winner. 

Fiasco Gelato Brilliant Packaging Design

The four mason jars of gelato feature a clear glass exterior. The graphics are etched in by a laser milling machine that should be studied in engineering schools abroad. Notice how the consumer can see the product through the clear glass.

Fiasco is giving them a peek at what is inside and right into the winter months -- toasty warm next to a fireplace with friends and family, sharing laughs and trading gifts.

This is a package design that exudes authenticity. The Fiasco brand colors are showcased on each jar creating a wonderfully unified cohesion. The eleven-degree Fiasco flag where the logo sits is the brand signature. Adding touches of authenticity heightens consumer familiarity with the brand.

The typography is relevant. Look at the font. It is fun and timeless. It is recognized by Fiasco’s loyal customer base and it makes Fiasco their number one choice for gelato. The Fiasco 2017 Winter collection includes four flavors, like classic eggnog, chocolate peppermint, sticky toffee pudding and cranberry pear sorbetto.

The use of symbolism via illustrated animals from the great Canadian outdoors adds a subtle warmth to the overall theme.

Fiasco Gelato Packaging Design

Form and function are witnessed via an easy twisting re-sealable lid. The holidays need not be frustrating. Fiasco makes sure to pay attention to these little details to make give the consumer the maximum product experience.

This practical packaging design directly aligns with Fiasco’s 2017 campaign #SharingHappiness. Their mission included getting their fans in on random acts of kindness and sharing with family, friends, and co-workers. This packaging design is a limited edition. The jars are collectible. The consumer has the value of the product extended well after it is used.

This is what makes practicality in design so paramount. We want the consumer to easily use a product. We don't want them to struggle with opening something like those impossible plastic zip ties that require bolt cutters to use.

For gelato, easy-to-open lids are an example of this practicality. For an electronic device, a packaging design that folds open would meet this standard as well. Package design is about the consumer experience. The consumer experience builds the relationship between the customer and the company and it begins the moment they pick up the item.

If executed with the same qualities that Fiasco featured in this product line, that relationship will form a bond that lasts a lifetime.

Fiasco Gelato is a brilliant packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry. 

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