10 Best Hygiene and Cleaning Product Branding Examples That Encourage Customer Confidence

10 Best Hygiene and Cleaning Product Branding Examples That Encourage Customer Confidence
Article by DesignRush DesignRush
Last Updated: March 12, 2023

Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene is a must. As consumers become increasingly conscious about health and safety, the demand for effective cleaning and hygiene products has skyrocketed.

In response, many brands have stepped up to offer innovative solutions that clean effectively and promote a healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we will explore the best hygiene and cleaning products branding strategies that have resonated with consumers and helped build successful businesses in this competitive market.

From luxurious packaging to eco-friendly ingredients, we'll deconstruct some of the best branding agencies' works that make products stand out on the shelves and win customers' hearts.

So, let's dive in and discover what it takes to create a winning brand in the hygiene and cleaning industry! Learn more about the various elements of successful branding.

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1. QKLA by tbtbo brand mastering

[Source: tbtbo brand mastering]

Standout Features:

  • Unique design concept
  • Sleek and classy vibes
  • Women-focused branding

It’s International Women’s Month, so what better way to start this list than with something that honors and celebrates women through its branding?

tbtbo brand mastering created this unique branding scheme for QKLA and their chain of beauty salons. The primary objective is to make customers feel pampered through their list of services, along with fabulous interiors and skilled professionals for each branch.

The design concept of QKLA combines elegance, sophistication, and femininity throughout its branding.

The sleek typography and neutral colors make the branding more appealing to working women looking for a beauty salon that caters to their aesthetic needs.

The whole look and feel of QKLA also has a strong sense of class, using thin lines and curves to create an overall luxurious feel.

With an effective branding strategy focused on empowering and influencing women from all walks of life, QKLA is a must-visit for anyone looking to take their beauty routine to the next level.

Read this interesting post for more examples of women-centered branding strategies.

2. Galbaia by Vida Iglicar

[Source: Vida Iglicar]

Standout Features:

  • Polished and sophisticated feel
  • Use of metallic colors
  • A blend of nature and modern elements

Environmental sustainability and going organic are two of the biggest trends in beauty today, and Vida Iglicar’s branding strategy for Galbaia is a testament to that.

This sustainable and stylish beauty brand is about taking luxury to another level.

Galbaia’s branding perfectly conveys its central message of sustainability through its use of metallic colors and modern elements blending with the details of nature, such as photos of leaves and stems.

Some people think that when brands go environmentally conscious, they forget the element of luxury, which is why Galbaia ensures they don’t sacrifice beauty and class for sustainability.

The whole feel of the branding is very polished and sophisticated, yet it still maintains a minimalist design that highlights its eco-friendly approach to its products.

3. Bubble & Frizz by Nikkin Creative

[Source: Nikkin Creative]

Standout Features:

  • Calming color story
  • Creative Lettering
  • Hip and popular vibes

Nikkin Creative stands as our third-best hygiene and cleaning product branding strategy.

With so many people focusing on self-care more than ever, products like bath bombs, bubble bars, and other items found in Bubble & Frizz’s lineup of products have been gaining more attention.

The agency has done a fantastic job with the branding of this bath products store, as it captures the essence of its products while still keeping up a modern and stylish vibe that appeals to the masses.

The shades of blue and white complement the brand's ideals, resembling the calming skies on a summer day.

They also made a monogram of the brand, using a single letter B and giving it a fun typeface to add another layer of personality to this branding design.

Logos plays an influential role in pushing the branding strategy of Bubble & Frizz, and the designers make sure that it looks trendy and hip in the eyes of their consumers. Read more about the importance of logos in this post.

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4. Beauty Therapy by VaDot Studio

[Source: VaDot Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Great combination of fonts
  • Minimalist design approach
  • Nature-oriented strategy

Subscription boxes come in all shapes and forms, so your beauty box brand must stand out if you want it to succeed.

VaDot Studio has done a fantastic job ensuring that Beauty Therapy’s branding speaks volumes with its minimalist approach and natural elements in its logo and packaging. Indeed, it is one of the best hygiene and cleaning branding strategies!

The extraordinary combination of fonts for the logo gives this brand a modern yet calming feel. Everyone loves seeing handwritten and sans-serif fonts together in visual assets, providing freedom and stability for its target audience.

Through this branding and positioning, consumers can see the brand's commitment to being as environmentally conscious as possible.

Making people feel beautiful doesn’t have to be against nature, and this branding strategy is excellently pushing this ideal toward its audience.

5. Kinfill by Andrea Arques Rodríguez

[Source: Andrea Arques Rodríguez]

Standout Features:

  • Energetic color palette
  • High-quality feel
  • Trustworthiness manifested

Staying close to their tagline, "modern homecare for those who care," this next-best hygiene and cleaning products branding strategy shows how vital trustworthiness is for a successful product or service.

Andrea Arques Rodríguez has done a fantastic job developing Kinfill’s branding strategy, as it conveys the idea of cleanliness and health in its visuals while still presenting itself as a reliable brand.

The combination of oranges and browns provides an organic feel with its visuals, attracting people looking for more natural ways of cleaning their homes.

The minimalistic approach to the visuals also blends well with this branding strategy's high-quality packaging and design elements. This ensures that Kinfill stands out from the competition without being too loud.

Lastly, their choice of using earthy colors and thin font styles show how dedicated they are to staying in touch with their nature -- sustainable, organic, and helpful.

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6. CLEAN LABS BIO by Doodles Creative Solutions

[Source: Doodles Creative Solutions]

Standout Features:

  • Interesting iconography
  • Bold typography
  • Assurance guaranteed

Another excellent example of an effective branding strategy for cleaning and hygiene products is CLEAN LABS BIO.

Doodles Creative Solutions nailed this one, as the overall look of its branding does a great job of pushing forward its message.

The iconography used for this strategy is eye-catching and exciting too. It assures that CLEAN LABS BIO effectively cleans without harming the environment.

They added a four-leaf clover at the end of the brand name as their logo to convey their inclination toward environmental awareness and as a traditional symbol of good luck.

They also used thick and bold fonts, which solidified the trustworthiness of this product.

Lastly, these harmonious visual elements created a great impression of reliability for the product, which is essential in getting people to buy it.

7. My Wash Bit by Asense Branding

[Source: Asense Branding]

Standout Features:

  • Consistency
  • Contemporary font
  • Bubly accents

Being a detergent manufacturing company, My Wash Bit wanted to wash off their old branding with a new and, dare we say, fresh outlook. Enter Asense Branding!

The design of the powder detergent perfectly reflects the company. Using the element of lather foam with a cool color palette and five icons at the bottom, each element simultaneously emphasizes both the qualities of the product and the brand's general fortes. 

Standing out from your typical contenders on the shelf, the color palette is a mix of cool colors that, again flow beautifully from the brand's niche and communicate its reliability.

8. MOSHILO by VincDesign

[Source: VincDesign]

Standout Features:

  • Symbolic (literally)
  • Blend of modern and traditional
  • Unique color story

Moshilo, a Hong Kong handmade soap brand, mixes natural ingredients with traditional Chinese herbal efficacy. The brand follows the tranquil and evocative concepts of "Humanism", "Herb" and "Fundamental" and is dedicated to producing eco-consciousness products with ingredients purchased or recycled from local farms.

Uniting with VincDesign to reposition their brand back in 2020, Moshilo emerged with a new, emblematic logo design composed of 3 duplicated Chinese characters “人” (i.e. human), representing “Humanism 人本”.

VincDesign introduced the nature-inspired olive green as a primary brand color, one similar to the color of herbs used and those representing the conceptual “Herb 草本”. When the three “人” unite in a circle, they bring out Moshilo’s distinct vision of genuinely protecting Mother Nature and further connect it to its prodigal offspring (humanity).

9. Labbel by Elisava

[Source: Elisava]

Standout Features:

  • Streamlined minimalism
  • Original shape
  • Luxurious

With these latest branding and packaging solutions, courtesy of Elisava, Labbel aims to make "luxurious" and "personal care" virtually synonymous.

The range of bath products (shampoo, conditioner, bath gel, and moisturizing gel) in three formats for different contexts: hotel, store, and spa capture attention from the get-go as they abandon your typical visual "screaming" that became a convention in the past couple of decades.

Inspired by the transformative magic of mythical mermaids, the product's main ingredients are revealed when in contact with water vapor thanks to its thermo-sensitive ink. When paired with the beautiful and revolutionary take on minimalism, this ingenious solution is bound to inspire shoppers who would normally pass by. It's simple, clean, and unmistakably original!

10. MANISANTE by Latente Studio

[Source: Latente Studio]

Standout Features:

  • Classy minimalism
  • Monochromatic color scheme
  • All-caps typography

Latente Studio's approach is diving deep into the origin of things to tell a compelling brand story and that is exactly what the agency did - emerged with a pearl.

Created by three Italian friends who wanted to offer top-quality cosmetic products, Manisante focuses on one primary purpose: awakening the senses. Their cultural roots (as well as the products' hypnotic scents) sent Latente on a trip through soap's origins, which led to the resignification of an everyday product.

The agency redefined the act of "cleaning", perceiving it as a vital part of the body's healing ritual. Judging by the clear-cut, albeit elegant design, "clean", seems to be the name of the game. 

In the brand's philosophy, the body became a cared-for temple, a blank canvas upon which a story is to be written. For that tale to last, Manisante opted for an ideal sans-serif script adding a touch of class to the product's synesthetic traits. 

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