8 Box Packaging Design Trends in 2023

8 Box Packaging Design Trends in 2023
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Last Updated: March 20, 2023
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Did you know that packaging boxes are now over a century old? The first cardboard shipping box was recorded in 1903!

It originated as a practical fix to a common problem of transporting goods from point A to point B while keeping them intact.

This practical fix later turned into another means of communication. Through various artistic designs and modifications, these rusty cardboard boxes grew stylish. And soon, we witnessed the first box packaging designs!

Companies started printing their logos over the boxes, coloring and customizing the packaging to make them more original. Now, there’s hardly any brand without a customized box design.

Since many brands compete for the customers' attention, it's challenging to stand out. But don't worry! With the expertise of a packaging design company, you can leverage the latest box packaging design trends to help you get your creative juices flowing and create packaging that captures the eyes and hearts of your target audience. From minimalist designs to eco-friendly packaging solutions, staying on top of the latest trends will give your brand a competitive edge and make a lasting impression on consumers.

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1. Personalized Designs

Who doesn’t like to be a part of something big? Since everybody wants to be an artist and express themselves, one of the best things you can offer your customers is for them to create their packaging.

It’s a win-win for your brand and your customers. They get to interact with your brand and feel cherished while you strengthen customer loyalty. In fact, this type of customer experience can work better than any other expensive marketing campaign.

It’s not coincidental that many big brands across various industries now let their buyers design custom packaging. For example, we have a giant in beverage packaging design like Coca-Cola, but also companies like Nutella, Toblerone and Crayola, to name just a few.

The bottom line: don’t tell your customers what they want. Let them show you instead!

2. Illustrated Packaging

The last couple of years has shown a true hunger for perfect imperfections. Illustrations are just one of those things which can be done both digitally and by hand. This style connects business and art, so many package design boxes are now decorated with these interesting quirks.

You can go for a modern digital illustration or a hand-made crafty drawing. You can also encourage the designer to leave their signature on it to respect the art.

Illustration packaging designs range from minimalist and geometric styles to 3D illustrations, blending this strategy into your brand’s tone is easy.

The illustration can be a single icon or a series of illustrations throughout your marketing campaign, helping you craft a nice brand story. It adds a sense of authenticity to your packaging design.

And the best thing about illustrations is their variety of applications. From ice cream packaging designs to headphones, toys and glasses, you can find them everywhere.

3. Collage Designs

There’s just something about collages that evades the “objective laws” of aesthetics. Using collages in your product packaging is a great way to show your brand’s creative flair, and an original collage custom packaging design will go a long way to creating a meaningful bond with your customer. It’s no wonder it also found its way to custom box designs.

Using collage for your customized box is not only trending. It can also connect you with specific imaginative audiences who find joy in brilliant color and shape combinations.

You can also use collage as a storytelling narrator. Its unique features, abstract approach and psychedelic visual effects can truly market your brand as authentic.

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4. Sustainable Packaging

73% of Generation Z, claim they would pay more for sustainable goods. So, by creating eco-friendly box packaging designs, you would help the planet and increase your chances of gathering the modern generation among your loyal customers.

Recycled textured materials are still largely uncharted territory. Whether you develop a multi-purpose box or one with the same lifecycle as your product is up to you. Don't wait for something to become popular. Explore the possibilities and make yourself the trendsetter! There’s no telling what kind of beauty you might end up with if you’re willing to experiment. Check out the best sustainable packaging designs.

Ethical packaging has other benefits to showing you’re serious about climate issues. It’s a matter of “when” rather than “if” you’re going to turn your business green considering the globally-acknowledged need for change. And it’s always better to act than eventually be forced to react.

Box Packaging Design Trends

5. Simplistic Designs

Strictly focused on clean lines, neutral colors and basic textures, minimalism follows the “less is more” approach. Focusing on a single subject rather than introducing multiple elements on a packaging design helps you emphasize the vital point of your message or brand.

Don’t be fooled by a common misconception. Designers have embraced colorful minimalism, recognizing the vast array of possibilities to express even the most complex message simplistically.

While you can always go for monochrome or white space, be aware that minimalism is far from just black and white. By prioritizing the necessities, minimalist packaging design is meant to be seductive. It shows your customers just enough and makes them yearn for more.

Some brands that achieved massive success with their simplistic design packaging include Apple, Swiss Army and Verso Skincare.

6. Premium Packages

While it’s difficult to define what exactly makes your box packaging design look premium, you can always rely on some proven methods. For instance, black symbolizes style and elegance, whereas some gold adds a dash of luxury.

You can also experiment with the shape and go for something out of the ordinary to make it look unique. If you’re looking for something mysterious, place some exotic ornaments on it.

Another thing you should focus on is the material from which the box is made. Stay away from typical cardboard or plastic. Remember, premium box designs should feel the way they look. So, when your customer gets your product, some sophisticated material must be rubbing against their fingers. Consider velvet materials, satin, or cloth. The sky is the limit!

Take a step further by adding aromas too! The scent is a powerful ally in developing memorable experiences. This is even more effective if the fragrance reflects what’s inside.

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7. Vintage Designs

Ah, nostalgia. The inexplicable desire to romanticize the times long past. A retro packaging box is a powerful instrument to evoke that feeling. Vintage designs provide a sweet spot between the old and the new, making them timeless.

You can revive your brand’s old packaging design for a limited time or imagine what it would have looked like in the 60s if it had existed. Either way, this style is for customers who adore the classics. Going vintage also grants you a sense of authenticity. Decade-old fonts and old-school color patterns can make your brand look like it has been on the market for years, a symbol of age and tradition.

It’s important to keep in mind that going vintage doesn’t signify a lack of ideas. We’ve witnessed that fashion, music and movies all look back for inspiration. So, why shouldn’t you?

8. Transparent Packaging

If you’re confident about your product, let it do the talking. After all, transparency stands for honesty and clarity. It shows there’s no hidden agenda behind your brand.

Transparent packaging is usually done by integrating a cutout window in your box design. It can show half of your product, the whole thing or just a teaser of what’s inside. You can also play around with its shape, size and positioning.

Feel free to accompany the visibility of your product with excellent writing on the box itself. It can be a neat list of the products’ ingredients or a short story about their development.

Transparent boxes are often used for packaging beautiful food visuals, too!

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It's High Time You Try Box Packaging Designs

These are just some of the viable options for your box packaging design. Don’t let the number of options overwhelm you. Instead, let them inspire you and let your creativity shine.

Experiment with different strategies and don’t limit yourself to one. Try to utilize two or more and develop a perfect match of your packaging design and your target audience!

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