KVR Great Packaging Design

KVR is an alcoholic beverage whose main product is Caviar Lime Infused Vodka that promotes exotic fruits. The packaging and branding was designed by Sweet&Co company. Overall, this is a great example using vibrant colors in a sophisticated way.


KVR Fun Packaging Design

Usually vibrant colors are used to express more playful, youthful, less serious feelings and emotions. But here, when paired with the bold black lettering, simple geometric shapes, and gold accents amidst white space, these colors create an excellent balance and make this bottle appear chic and modern. 


KVR Bright Packaging Design

The logo itself is also very bold, while the purple and green triangle that points downward highlights some pulp particles from the fruits. The “v” shape from the logo is repeated throughout the packaging, which creates cohesive branding.


KVR Packaging Design

The bottle cooling sleeve design with zipper is a nice addition. Apart from the cooling features, it looks cool and remains consistent with the rest of branding. This company has a cohesive and bold identity that showcases sophisticated fun with an eye-catching design.

KVR is a bold packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.