MARAIS Piano Cake Creative Packaging Design

This isn’t your usual cake presentation. The MARAIS Piano Cake packaging is a truly genius way to present a tasty treat, making the recipient feel like they have been given a very high-quality gift.

MARAIS Piano Cake Clean Packaging Design

The individual cakes are delivered in a beautiful, sleek, black box with gold typeface. It’s hard to think of two colors that, when combined, look as luxurious as gold and black. The font is sleek, used as an accent rather than as the main focal point. Inside the box, individual cake boxes are arranged to look like piano keys. The use of space and design on the individual boxes create a larger image that produces an impressed consumer response.

MARAIS Piano Cake Playful Packaging Design

The best part of MARAIS’ design is that it extends beyond just the cakes and the box they come in. Even the gift bags are designed to look like piano keys when lined up. Imagine walking into someone’s office and these bags are lined up as gifts for their clients. What does that say about the person? It says they care. It says they think outside the box. This design isn’t just an appearance; it’s a statement.

MARAIS Piano Cake Packaging Design

Sometimes, when people think of creativity, they think of fun, silly ideas. This shows that creativity and luxury can walk hand in hand. Anyone who sees this arrangement will be incredibly impressed. The only question is: How do you eat something so beautiful?

MARAIS Piano Cake is a creative packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.