Public House Trendy Packaging Design

Public House began as a collaboration between three best friends -- Steffan Bankier, Dan Berk and Jordan Gutman - who noticed an intimidation factor in wines, despite being interested in the drink. 

They saw an opportunity to change the conversation around wine and set out to develop a solution built for those who enjoy drinking socially.

Their fix was a creative one: Four bottles of $15 wine sold for half that price in a box that stays fresh for six weeks, in a sleek yet approachable package, packed with 10 cups to make it easy to share anytime, anywhere and with anyone.

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Not just designed for the wine novice, the founders took great care sourcing the wine within the boxes so enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike could find something to enjoy with Public House. Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon and Sauvignon Blanc are currently the two boxes available, and 10 cups are included in each box.

Public houses, or pubs as they’re more commonly referred to, have been social destinations for hundreds of years. No matter the style or venue, they create a sense of community: A place to rekindle friendships and forge new ones. The wine brand maintains that their goal is create innovative alcohol products that help foster a community and the social experiences therein, like the institution after which they are named. The packaging design of their wine boxes aptly represents this identity.

Public House Great Packaging Design

The two types of wine: Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon (red wine) and Sauvignon Blanc (white wine) come in easy-to-carry boxes. The red wine is packaged in a beautiful burgundy box, matching the color of the wine. While burgundy is the dominant color in the design scheme, the other colors used are dark blue and white. All three colors play off of each other to create a very aesthetic appearance, complementing one another while also providing a brilliant contrast. The white wine, on the other hand, utilizes a turquoise shade of blue, complemented with touches of dark blue and white.

Each package has a handle on the top, a spigot on the side and comes with a stack of ten plastic cups. It removes the hassle of carrying around wine bottles and remembering to carry corkscrews. The packages have been very creatively designed, ensuring that they give off a fun, young and energetic vibe. Several types of fonts have been used, but both red and white wine packages use only the color white for the text. The boxes feature fun phrases in quirky fonts to make a very attractive packaging design.

Public House Packaging Design

The brand’s name has also been given accurate spacing on the packaging, ensuring that it stands out and is memorable. The words “Public House” are printed on the front side of the package, as well as on the glasses and in smaller lettering on the reverse side of the box.

The designers of the Public House wine boxes have brilliantly used spacing, shapes and lines to create a very clever design that promises utility and good quality. They evoke a sense of community and friendship, which is bang-on with the brand’s identity.

Public House is a modern packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.