NARS x Christopher Kane Bold Packaging Design

NARS X Christopher Kane Cosmetic Collaboration Dazzles

The NARS X Christopher Kane Makeup line is a limited edition cosmetic line with a one-of-a-kind packaging design.

NARS Cosmetics is a French skincare and makeup company. It was founded in 1994 by photographer and makeup artist François Nars. The company was founded with a line of lipsticks and has since branched out into every corner of cosmetics. 

While fans of NARS will recognize the tell-tale black packaging that they have become famous for, the collaboration plays on the signature style of fashion designer Christopher Kane. 

Packaging Celebrates Fashion Design Icon Christopher Kane

Scottish designer Christopher Kane started his career in 2006, becoming famous for designing bold clothing. His use of neon in designs has become a signature element and can be found throughout his NARS partnership. 

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NARS x Christopher Kane Top Packaging Design

Remixing NARS Signature Matte Black Packaging Design

Like Christopher Kane, François Nars was a colorful character who preferred to do things in a dashing manner. He prized boldness and self-expression with a zealous intensity. This was expressed through the NARS product lines and collaborations with other outstanding designers. The company's signature black matte packaging expresses its departure from convention.

The packaging of the NARS X Christopher Kane Makeup Line brings in this black theme that NARS has used so often. In that respect, it is a true NARS packaging. However, it also showcases the bold combination of NARS and Christopher Kane. This is a fashionista's dream come true. 

The makeup line opens a new avenue of self-expression for the fans of both brands. In this packaging, they find the support they need to be playful and adventurous. The sleek black negative space and minimal NARS logo design on the packaging give consumers assurance, signifying the well-known makeup brand and expertise behind it. But these designs are punctuated with bolder makeups inside and colorful accents on the top of the packaging, cultivating a limited edition feel. 

Packaging Design Introduces Saturated Seductive Colors

In addition to the signature black negative space, the packaging incorporates bold pink, red, and other bright hues - a departure from the iconic black and white design of signature NARS products.

These bright colors add adventure and excitement to the collaboration. With Christopher Kane on board, there exists the need for something unpredictable. The dashing color accents on some package designs, the products are all given more personality and variety. 

NARS x Christopher Kane Minimal Packaging Design

NARS x Christopher Kane Packaging Uses Signature Sans-Serif Font

The minimal typography emphasizes both brands. As the manufacturer, The NARS brand is a tad more prominent, imprinted in a larger font in stunning metallic that ties into the shades of makeup.

Christopher Kane's typography logo is layered overtop in a white sans-serif font. It is slightly smaller, but just as elegant and appears like a strikethrough, cutting against the black background and popping out from the NARS logo. 

The overall appearance of both logos creates a sharp relief against the stark background. This enables the user to perceive the combined benefit of having both in the same package.

NARS x Christopher Kane Holographic Packaging Design

Holographic Packaging Design Punctuates Second Collaboration

In mid-2017, Christopher Kane and NARS collaborated once again on a smaller limited edition makeup line: The Chrome Collection. While their use of metallics in the first line of products was subtle, NARS x Christopher Kane went in the opposite direction for round two, creating completely holographic package designs for the two products. 

Although the package design of the actual products maintains the signature black background and minimal font, the boxes that house them are iridescent. The colors swirl in and out of each other in bold gradients, creating a bold, modern and futuristic aesthetic that fits both brands' identities. 

NARS x Christopher Kane Packaging Design Displays Product Inside

For the user who wants the best of fashion and makeup, NARS x Christopher Kane's package design communicates outstanding value. The user benefits from the combination of two storied fashion brands through shades of gold, black, pink, and other colors to hint at the quality of materials. These high-density hues present the product in the best possible light.

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