The Underground Project Wines (slide 1)

The Underground Project Wines are a sub-brand of Hungerford Hill. Their goal was to create a brand that stood out among other super premium wines that didn’t affect people’s existing perception of Hungerford Hill. The result is a bold, clean design for The Underground Project Wines.

The Underground Project Wines (slide 2)

The label is designed to look like a heavily redacted, classified document. From a distance, the label looks fresh and bold, with heavy black lines on a white background. At the very bottom of the label, the Hungerford Hill logo is still visible, but it’s redacted to align with the rest of the label.

A closer look at the label reveals a typography that’s in-line with what you would see on a top-secret government document. The words that aren’t redacted relate to the flavor profiles of the wine. Words like “juicy” and “bold” stand out among the dark redacted lines.

The Underground Project Wines (slide 3)

Because the brand is focused on a younger demographic and online sales, even their shipping boxes were designed to maintain the brand identity. This is a nice additional touch of detail for customers that order online. The design allows the experience to begin before the package is even open.

The Underground Project Wines’ bold design goes to show that eye-catching packaging doesn’t have to be crazy or colorful. A clever design that extends beyond the label can be just as effective as any combination of wild colors. Now, the only question remaining is what this top secret wine tastes like.

The Underground Project Wines is a clean packaging design in the Food & Beverage industry.