Solaz Stunning Packaging Design

Solaz is a luxury hotel in Los Cabos, Mexico — the latest addition to the iconic Luxury Collection Hotels developed by Starwood. The hotel has modern and pristine accommodations, with cutting edge hospitality services, including gastronomic experiences, a spa, exercise equipment, and modern installations. Anagrama, a brand intelligence group, made a creative brand proposal to Solaz, to build their brand identity.

The theme consistently used across all the designs is the use of gold accents to suggest a luxurious environment. However, the gold is used tastefully and not excessively, so as not to give the appearance of being cluttered or chaotic.

The designs are all minimal, but stylistically executed. The logo of the hotel features a coral, the region’s natural treasure. To make the packaging a cohesive unit, the designs build off of the coral, an organic and natural element. The color palette used is a reflection of this: beige, white, and cream compliment the design, grounding it in both nature as well as luxury.

Solaz Elegant Packaging Design

The stationery is embossed with the hotel logo in a golden font, evoking a classic elegance. The colors work well together to provide a seamless design, yet contrast brilliantly with the gold of the font.

Solaz Clean Packaging Design

The plastic water bottle has been branded with the hotel logo and name — the gold lettering on it makes it look luxurious and unique.


Solaz Elegant Toiletries

The toiletries, including the bathrobe, shower gels, and towels, all have a very welcoming feel to them. In keeping with the neutral tones, they reflect the identity of the hotel, giving off an earthy and natural vibe.


Solaz Packaging Design

From metal to concrete and wood, the Solaz packaging is exceptional in tying together different elements to make them stand out to the viewer. All the elements look cohesive and integrated while also being rooted in luxury and elegance. It promises a unique experience, and is very pleasing to the eye.

Solaz is an elegant packaging design in the Hospitality, Luxury and Travel industries.

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