The Chanler Clean Packaging Design

The Chanler at Cliff Walk is a boutique hotel in Newport, Rhode Island. The 19th century mansion is located on the shore of the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by the most famous mansions of the New England area. Each of the Chanler’s 20 bedrooms have been designed taking inspiration from a different European historical period. Anagrama, a brand intelligence group, designed a creative proposal for the hotel based on improving its original attributes through a modernist approach.

The proposal consists of a variety of items, like envelopes and postcards, and logos and labels.

The postcard is fondly reminiscent of a bygone era, with faded color tones of beige and lavender. The reverse side of the envelope has an old-school ink stamp and the hotel’s logo, which is a classic curved shape of the hotel’s initial.

The Chanler Print Design

The secondary logo is more regal and old school; the typography is gold, evoking the brand identity of the hotel as a historical venue with a royal feel to it.

The Chanler Clean Print Design

The stamp logo, in red, is beautifully and creatively designed keeping in mind the location of the hotel. It’s a representation of the coast and the movement of the water, and the wraith and crown border is symbolic of the Victorian era.

The Chanler Simple Packaging Design

The stationery features pastel tones of blue, cream, lavender, and gray.

The Chanler Clean Print Design

All the colors have romantic shades to them, as well as a modern textured element.

The Chanler Clean Packaging Design

The result is a cross between an old-world aesthetic and modern day patterns.

The Chanler Vintage Packaging Design

Elements like the brass key and the bell embossed with the hotel logo only add to the eclectic charm of the hotel.

The Chanler Packaging Design

Each of the design elements come together to package the hotel as a unique retreat into history. The entire packaging together as a system works to convey a sense of luxury, hospitality, and old-world charm. 

The Chanler is a clean packaging design in the Hospitality, Luxury, Sports & Leisure and Travel industries.