Jose Cuervo's 222 Illustrated Packaging Design

In honor of tequila brand Jose Cuervo’s 222nd birthday, the company developed four limited edition bottles, each one telling an iconic story from their past. Design agency Stranger & Stranger designed the packaging for the bottles, with designs created by Barcelona-based illustrator Ricardo Cavolo, known for his folky yet modern style.

Cavolo’s depictions propel protagonists to champion their unique tales. Referencing religious and historical fiction illustrations, his use of symmetry and symbolism connect to a modern and playful audience.

Jose Cuervo's 222 Vibrant Bottle Design

The first anniversary special bottle features vibrant packaging that contains the story of the heart of an industry: The tequila industry.

Jose Cuervo’s history began in 1758, when Jose Antonio de Cuervo obtained a parcel of land in the town of Tequila to cultivate and harvest the blue agave plant. In 1795, the King of Spain granted him the first ever royal concession to produce tequila commercially. This event marked the birth of tequila as we know it, making Jose Cuervo not only the founder but the heart of an entire industry. Through colorful illustrations, the design is centered around a red heart, expressively retelling an engaging tale.

Jose Cuervo's 222 Playful Bottle Design

Another bottle, featuring the story of the devil’s water, as tequila is often called, uses mainly bright colors like red and yellow. The main element of this design is a devil’s face, again sticking to the company’s brand identity.

Jose Cuervo's 222 Bottle Design

A third bottle tells the story of a music inspiration, since over the decades, several popular musicians have paid tribute to the tequila company. This bottle’s design features is centered around a musician playing a guitar, with playful illustrations surrounding him.

Jose Cuervo's 222 Packaging Design

A fourth bottle features the story of a special lady, the head of the company in the late 1800s. This gorgeous bottle features feminine tones of pink, peach and red, and is centered around an illustration of Ana Gonzalez Rubio y de la Torre.

Masterfully designed, each of the bottles gives a peek into the brand identity of the tequila company. The designs are each interwoven on the packaging of the bottles, ensuring that they stay in the memory of consumers. The stunning designs each also complement one-another, making for a symbiotic packaging design.

Jose Cuervo's 222 is a playful packaging design in the Food & Beverage and Luxury industries.