United Soil Great Packaging Design

Detailed Illustrations Bring An Authenticity To The United Soil Brand

Studio Otware, a Polish design studio, created a brand identity, logo, and packaging for an eco-friendly company that produces healthy pickled products -- particularly cucumbers, cabbage and kimchi.

This brand is United Soil. United Soil dedicated to providing wholesome, ecological foods and packaging.

And these packages don't disappoint.

These visually-appealing packages draw in potential customers. And they simultaneously speak to the core benefits of the products.

These packages are delicate, simple yet exciting. And one feature that really helps these bagged goods stand out is the intricate illustrations that stand on the surface.

Set against a brown, organic background are these illustrations that look like they've been drawn out by hand.

The black ink stands at attention against the natural-looking background.

There's an intricacy here that is beautiful and telling. It shows a dedication and a passion for what they do. And they tell consumers that this brand is passionate — it's authentic and credible.

These illustrations are large, in your face and extremely artistic. And they balance perfectly with the otherwise minimal and clean nature of these packages.

Product packaging is a great way to establish credibility and authenticity. It shows consumers that you can be trusted. It shows consumers that you have values and authority. That's why professional packaging designers invest so much time and effort into creating designs that reflect the ethos and character of the brand.

These illustrations wear many hats. They add beauty and artistry. But they also let people know that this brand knows what it's doing and is passionate about infusing that same dedication going forward.

This imagery wasn't just stamped on. It wasn't pressed into these packages without care. The designers behind this design knew the impact they'd have and they rocked it.

United Soil Illustrated Packaging Design

Color Is Used Beautifully To Distinguish Each Package And Product

The illustrations infused into these designs are creative and stunning. But there's another element to these designs that is extremely telling and distinguishable.

That element is color — which, in this design, is used to let consumers know what kind of product they are about to purchase.

At first, consumers see that each vegetable has a different leading color, which lets consumers more readily identify the specific product.

The packaging itself is simple. The bag is a neutral light brown, which gives an organic feel. This is complemented by custom illustrations of vegetables that represents what's inside.

This color sits in a rectangular shape on the front of the packaging. It overlaps the illustration and adds a pop of vibrancy to the packaging that immediately grabs your attention. These colors are bold, exciting and full of energy.

They create a sense of urgency that compels people to interact with the designs and get a closer look.

This color exists on the back of the packaging as well. Almost the entire back of these organic designs are made up of these matching colors to add a more distinguishable quality that tantalizes and attracts.

Color makes an impact. It’s compelling and exciting and intriguing. It appeals to consumer emotions and makes them feel something. And the brightness of these colors is sure to turn heads on impact.

This was a very smart move for this brand.

This color makes it easier for consumers to make decisions and gives them a path to follow moving forward with their purchase. They don’t have to do much investigating to find out if this is the product they’re looking for. Instead, they can just check the color and know instantly.

Consumers are lazy. And this takes the work out of the purchasing process.

United Soil Packaging Design

A Clean & Organic Packaging Design Aesthetic Speaks To The Core Values Of The Brand

The overall aesthetic of the United Soil brand is clean, minimal and natural. This is evident not just in their bagged form, but also in the materials used, illustrations included and the minimal nature of the design.

This package design is created using a natural-looking, organic paper bagging. It’s a brown, textured material that immediately gives off a very earthy and organic vibe. And considering this brand works with wholesome food and has very earth-friendly values, that was a good design choice.

United Soil also has a branded bag, mug, and apron, which contributes to the overall identity. The typography is rather modern and bold, with big logo at the top of the package. The packaging is simple, but the illustrations make this product unique and eye-catching.

The brand keeps its presence consistent and clean across mediums — from the aprons to the mugs and beyond. This identity feels complete. It feels seamless. And it feels effortless.

This simplicity also speaks to the brand’s very wholesome values. It cares about good, quality products. It cares about the environment. It cares about the good of its consumers. And that same love and adoration is embodied in these clean, minimal designs.

Branding experts will tell you that when brands go with a clean design, they show consumers they are transparent. They are laying all their cards on the table and leaving it up to consumers to make the necessary conclusions.

There’s also a modernity here. Minimalism is a modern design trend that grabs attention and appeals to consumer emotions.

And when promoting such a positive message, emotion is key.

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United Soil Colorful Package Designs

A Transparent Pocket Gives Users A Peek Into The Actual Products

Another added bonus of this packaging is the transparent sleeve on the back of the bag. This lets users see what’s inside — literally.

The back is partly transparent, which allows the consumer to see what the products actually look like. They can get a feel for what they’re buying. This not only provides physical transparency but brand transparency as well that smooths the relationship between brand and consumer, fostering a more pleasant exchange between the two.

Transparency is essential for brands because it helps to foster trust. It makes brands seem more reliable and more likable because it shows that they have nothing to hide.

Consumers are more likely to interact with a brand thatpractices transparency.

Not only that, but consumers are willing to pay more for a brand that is committed to complete transparency. So being open, honest and real with your consumers will do your brand more good in the long run than bad.

This pocket offers a visible transparency, but it heightens the brand’s overall pursuit of transparency and openness.

United Soil Top Package Designs

What Is United Soil?

United Soil is a Poland-based fermented food producer. It packages high-end, ecological goods in the form of pickled foods like kimchi and cabbage. It’s a brand with a history of loving food — infusing that same passion into the food they provide their customers.

But the brand needed a facelift — a visual identity that would give them an edge in the Polish fermented food market. And that meant that they needed a complete transformation in the form of branded materials — logos, print designs and packaging.

According to Ottware, the brand behind the project:

A brand for ecological and healthy fermented foods. Our work included a brand name, a logo, brand story and a key visual, promotion and information materials as well as packaging design for three "starting" products: brine pickles, sauerkraut and kimchi.

This family-owned-and-operated company captures the heart and soil of Polish and European culinary taste. It promotes traditional, organic and delectable foods — making it easier for consumers to get their hands on these items.

And this packaging matches that effervescence and dedication. It’s intricate, detailed and determined. It serves a purpose. And these packages are extremely impossible to ignore — much like the flavors of these spectacular goods.

This brand had a lot to live up to — the foods they sell have their own personalities and personas, but so do these packages.

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United Soil Creative Package Designs

How United Soil Successfully Infuses Its Identity Into Its Packaging

United Soil made an intentional choice with its packaging. It followed its key values and created a package design that was as organic, natural and wholesome as the products they distribute.

These bags keep their ecological foods safe. They make use of a kind of recycled material that elevates the natural elements of the brand.

And this background is the perfect backdrop for the detailed and artistic illustrations that line the bags.

These illustrations tell users immediately what products are inside. But they also add an artistry that shows this brand cares about beauty and aesthetics.

Similarly, another distinguishing factor is the color that pops from the brown background. This also makes it easier for consumers to understand what product they are about to buy. And it also adds a playfulness that makes you smile.

Lastly, the transparent pocket in the back lets viewers literally see what’s inside. This brand really wants to be transparent and honest.

And their passionate backbone helps them sell more products and reach wider audiences.

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