Rocky Horror Picture Show Edgy Print Design

The Rocky Picture Horror Show was a 1975 film that developed a cult like following.

A modern play was created where "Shadow Casts" of fans act out the entire movie.

Shanti Sparrow created the print designs for promotional posters.

A red font that shivers in style is seen with the capital words 'I see you shiver in antics."

Black bar-shaped strips contain white font with the words "The Clinton Street Theater Presents: The Rocky Picture Horror Show."

The textured and blurry background shows a female character dressed in costume.

This highlights the creativity and artistic style of The Rocky Picture Horror Show.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Awesome Print Design

Repetition in design creates strong memory association. A brickwall showcases double rowed posters of red and black backgrounds.

They contain popular movie phrases and capture the vibe that fans have grown to love.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Edgy Print Design

A black poster with scary wiggling white font contains a popular qote. This entices play goers and captures attention.

A double colored white and red background provides a stunning visual contrast.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Great Print Design

Posters are placed on walls graffiti tagged walls. Shanti Sparow combined the artistic and creative relevancy with poster placement to ensure all important curious eyes see the message.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Cool Print Design

Another poster showcases a character on a black and red double colored background. The contrast and repetition of colors and movie phrases creates wonderful awareness.

Rocky Horror Picture Show Print Design

A poster in a deep and rich red color uses white horror-styled wording to display a vinyl motion picture sound track.

Shanti Sparow combined relevance and repetition to create an amazing print design. They used popular movie phrases, appropriate horror-styled fonts, and expert color contrasting techniques to create an iconic set of print designs that are worthy of the movie that spawned a cult -like following.

Rocky Horror Picture Show is an edgy print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.