Art Walk Cool Print Design

Marta Veludo was tasked with creating the visual identity for Art Walk Mexico—an event that takes users through a city to discover art galleries and exhibition spaces.

Art Walk Playful Print Design

Marta capitalized on the design by implementing a creative and colorful geometric map with crossing paths and colored shapes. The design symbolism is perfect for the target audience of curiosity seeking creative admirers of original art.

Colored lines curve and bend like the paths that will be followed by attendees. The name of the event sits at the top of the map and is the first to catch the eye. The color is opposite of the different colored backgrounds to stand out.

Vivid red is contrasted by a deep blue background. Pastel pink pops out from a Bahama sea green. In combination with other vibrant colors, the map is sure to catch the eye.

Art Walk Fun Print Design

Marta captures a fun and happy event with her geometric map selection. It is lively. The eyes waltz across the page as if they are admiring art itself. Marta’s client list includes Adidas, Reebok, Vice, and many others.

This design is thought-provoking. One has to learn more. Or, they must show up to satisfy their curiosity.

Art Walk Colorful Print Design

The best print designs engage their targeted audience. Marta’s design captures the fun and unknown excitement of discovering new knowledge and gaining a new life experience through the Art Walk. It tells a story, not of what is happening, but of the events that may unfold.

Art Walk Great Print Design

Wide and thin parallel lines symbolize the freedom involved in the Art Walk. Take the long path, the narrow path, or the wide path. Turn around, revisit, or keep exploring.


Art Walk Print Design

Marta not only succeeded in creating an original attention-grabbing poster print design. She captured the beauty of Art Walk: Self-expression, freedom, and individuality.

Art Walk is a colorful print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.