Natural Highs Festival 2017 Creative Print Design

Natural Highs Festival 2017 is an electronic music festival that takes place in Antwerp, Beligum.

Serafim Mendes was chosen to design the posters and brand identity.

His design is breathtaking. A hallmark of great print design is attention. The viewer has to look two, three, perhaps four times, or maybe that cannot look away.

This design is a surreal and abstract march into visual Valhalla. 

This isn't attention. This is illumination. 

Natural Highs Festival 2017 Gorgeous Print Design

A copious amount of geometric shapes and tubes form a synergistic melody of abstract awakening.

Are your eyes glued yet?

Plants take on a new niche as they are thrust into an ecosystem comparable to an electronic version of Avatar.

Natural Highs Festival 2017 Great Print Design

We witness green and red plants and metallic dystopian circular rings of silver.

Natural Highs Festival 2017 Colorful Print Design

Pumps and wires and cords containing electronic circuity entering a new realm of dancing bliss.

Pumps and wires and cords containing electronic circuity entering a new realm of dancing bliss. Serafim plugs the cord directly into the isometric 3D festival logo to unleash a metaphorical spectacle for the eyes.

This event has power.

Natural Highs Festival 2017 Print Design

The isometric 3D geometric logo of Natural Highs inspired the theme for Serafim to create this abstract piece of design print. 

One can see the floating square which is symbolic of a "bit" and represents electronic music and the computers that serve as the tools to create music magic.

Serafim's print design is visually magnetic and alluring. It bursts with colors and symbolism that vacuum attention like a black hole vacuums collapsed stars in the distant cosmos.

Geometric shapes and a surreal abstract realism make this print design an example for all to follow.

It captures the freeing mindset and unique culture of electronic music.

The eyes dance around the print like the energetic explosion of electronic bliss.

The only thing missing is the drop.

To get that, you will have to attend the show.

Natural Highs Festival 2017 is a creative print design in the Arts & Recreation and Entertainment industries.