Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson Great Print Design

The Cazador Cookbook is a beautiful editorial project by Tim Donaldson, a talented creative director and graphic designer based in Auckland, New Zealand. Cazador is a small family owned game restaurant in Auckland, New Zealand. The owners wanted to create something deeply personal to them, that showcased their family recipes which have been handed down through generations. The book needed to feature the game animals and dishes in their most beautiful light to reflect the way that the head chef hunts, kills and prepares his animals, with no part going to waste. The print design of the book accurately represents the brand identity and persona.

Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson Stunning Print Design

The book has a warm red cover with bright lettering, creating an unusual yet attractive contrast. To root it in heritage, the book has been tied together with threads, to resemble a recipe-book that has been passed down generations. These threads are also orange, complementing the print design of the cover and enhancing the design.

Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson Minimal Print Design

The font is heavy, so as not to detract attention from the print design, and well-spaced. It is also well-balanced and easy to read. A small index is printed inside the book in a large black font, well-spaced and balanced out. The name of each dish has been printed in a simple black font, along with a small dot in different colors. The book also features images of chefs preparing the dishes, making for engaging content.

Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson Elegant Print Design

The book also contains visually very appealing images of the dishes, the ingredients used, and the recipe process, making for an excellent print design experience. 

Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson Print Design

The information inside the book has been printed in a well-spaced manner, ensuring that it is easy to read. Overall, the Cazador Cookbook utilizes space and shapes very well, giving off a vibe rooted in heritage, good taste, and authenticity.

Cazador Cookbook by Tim Donaldson is an elegant print design in the Education and Food & Beverage industries. 

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